Monday, August 17, 2009

Thematic Show 2010?

Yes. The Drum Corps (pronounced Drum Core, so that you know...) revolution is hitting Malaysia... Nan Hwa finally re-introduce the thematic show concept. First time was in 2004, with the Minimally Speaking theme. 2005, the work of Karl Jenkins, "In Caleum Fero" and "Cantus, Song of Aeolus". 2006? Nope... 2007? Rest year... 2008? Nope... 2009? Close, but nope... 2010, HECK YES!! If only there wasn't a rule for lagu wajib, it would be a full thematic show...

Looking forward to a good year next year in band. The song selections are very interesting. But that is all I can say. No further elaborations. Don't come asking from me...

Good luck to the afternoon session in their their exams!!!

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