Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rantings from the 1st floor.

They say 23 years old is the worst age to go through in one's life (although some argue that mid-life is as bad, or worse). The time where you finish your tertiary education and are most likely seeking a place in society.

Lacking experience, having outdated if not insufficient amount of knowledge in your respective fields, no colleagues or employers to network for you, only a bunch of ex-classmates who are in a similarly precarious situation like themselves; Your other friends who've decided to start work right out of secondary education seem more well off than yourself...

Yes, I speak about myself. Pardon the whine. I write to no one, yet I wish to write this down for my future reference.

Applying for a job in the music industry. Sounds as bad as auditioning for a software engineer post. May the fastest coder win the job offer.

Music: Rarely any job offers listed on paper or online, and they're mostly irrelevant to my major. Of course there's always ample of teacher posts, but I pity my hypothetical students if I do take the job; I've hardly the patience nor the talent to teach. The world doesn't owe me a job, sure. But neither do I owe the world silence from my frustration.

Alas, first class honours all for naught, nobody cares. You need to be in the right social group. You need to be thick-faced and be a people-person. Know-who, not know-what. Sure I've heard all these things way back, but it doesn't change the fact that it's frustrating.

Another e-mail ignored, time to move on.

Pardon the rant.