Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August post.

First and foremost, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Independence day to all Malaysians around who reads my blog.

It's been a while since I flexed my writing muscles, my brain's working slower, my hands don't type as fast as they used to.

Checking back to the last time I posted, nearly a month ago. Many things did happen. College life isn't getting anywhere near easy, and the fact that someone dislike the word college sin't really helping.

Dear reader, answer this one question. How to define this feeling? Not having a house in a place you call home? Stranded? Lost? I am with my family, in a well-furnished house. I know many of my peers would call me lucky to be with family at my age, but... Why do I still feel home-sick?

Answers only to be left unanswered really. It's the balik-kampung season. But I'm going no where. Financial problems abound, and no one would believe me if I said so. But know one thing. Both my parents are retired, there is no income, we own no land, and the car is only spending up our money, not earning it. The bank is draining up, and nothing's going back in. School fees are already chipping a big hole in my family's wallet. So yes, it is that hard to find the heart to buy that expensive bus ticket to Sitiawan.

Being the worst drummer of my batch and practically the whole college isn't helping my esteem. A lot of work to be done, I really need that drum in my room soon, but Mr. Tan hasn't updated me on his orders for the Pearl drums. All I have with me now is just a pad to practice, and although my hand work can beat most of them there, it really is just gimmicks, I can't play a whole song without breaking halfway...

I need to just, wind down for today, I'll go drum for now, just rant my frustrations on a pad.

Good day to you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Buy a drum?

If I come to realise one very wrong assumption I made by now before entering music college, it is this: Being a drummer and yet not owning a drum is not a big deal.

*Throws that thought away*

Shoot I can't believe I thought I was some gifted drummer that can improve with air drumming... I'm actually shouting at myself now:


Thinking through several days, I decided I seriously need a drum over a practice pad. Considering the disadvantages of a practice pad (Unrealistic feel, no tuning, bad investment if I would actually want to get a drum later on...), and the disadvantages of a real drum (Occupies a lot of space, noisy, potential nuisance to our neighbours), it's really hard to decide at first.

But I came to this conclusion and solution: A real drum is still the best way to practice and a practical long term investment if I were to be a drummer. The solution is to get my neighbours agreement and understanding, on top of investing in drum mutes. The mutes are basically rubber pieces to be placed on top of the drum heads to muffle to vibration, but in turn, retains the tuning of the drum.

And now, where to buy it... One of my lecturer actually offered me a vintage drum set he wanted to rid of. Kind of attractive considering it was one of the top range drums during its prime years, and it is within my budget. BUT, 20 years old, so I guess its tuning probably went off.

So I called Mr. Tan :D. And well, I guess I came to my final choice. A new set of Pearl Forum series, coming by the end of the year. Looks like a decent kit, and it comes fully equiped.

Ah, a new set of toys. I feel like a kid again. XP