Saturday, January 1, 2011

Genting trip, new year and 2011 possibilities.

Genting Trip

Genting trip is one thing to remember, at least for me. Waking up early and all excited about it.

And so we went up to the mountain, and outdoor park 1st. I insisted we take the most intense ride as a start, lest it becomes more and more harder to take it when we become shaken by the less a aggressive ones.

And then we were shaken awake by it.

Evening, spent time knowing Rachel better... By drinking coffee and keeping quiet...

And it came, dinner. I rather not mention, really awkward. But somehow I didn't had my usual appetite. Was it because I'm already content, that my stomach is also affected? Amazing.

And we strolled around the highland grounds, enjoying the view, as I enjoyed the company. I like walking around by my own actually, I just don't really get the chance to do so. Cameron Highlands was nice to stroll around actually, speaking of which I noticed I like the highlands.

But having a hand to hold while walking around, looking at nothing, but thinking about many things. I do that too, but I was trying concentrate on feeling your touch.

I don't mind staying out in the cold weather, and believe or not, I enjoy it. But it was a wee bit too cold that night. So I had to snatch some one's jacket... I more importantly I enjoyed the company, I really do.

But it rained and we had to head back. Spent time with the form 5 bunch, and we thought we'd gather at Hui Bao's room, but we decided to take a 1/2 hour rest before going. But before we knew it, the half hour became the whole night...

The next day was routine, almost predictable. Shopping, spend money, eat. Still, it was worthwhile with you.

And the return journey. Nope I never expected you'd bob your head on my shoulder. But then you did, and nope, it's wasn't heavy, I actually felt warmth. O_O Yikes... But it was a first, that feeling of electrical spasm throughout your body. Hug me? Try me.

And so to conclude, the Genting trip was almost exclusively spent with you. But that's how I had expected it to be. :)

New Year eve

I was told first of all that Huah Jiunn has been scouted by Yoi to join Siamyth as a baritonist, with no need for an audition. Huah Jiunn really wants to go, but he wants company. And of all people they think of, they figured I would most likely be the one able to join him along. I'm seriously considering about it, may want to join in as cymbalist, meanwhile learning some battery and pit skills.

Then we move back to new year eve. I'll make it simple: "When the girl in your arms, is the girl in your heart, then you have everything."

Yeah, spent time with Rachel again, only this time, Marina is more crowded, much much more crowded. And I guess I just placed my arm over her a few times throughout? Major electrical spasms within me again.

But yeah, happy new-year, happy 2011, happy to be with you.

And National service will come soon. This blog will be inactive for 3 months. Goodbye for now.