Saturday, June 16, 2012

Results are back.

Finished the semester almost 3 weeks ago, and the dreaded moment occurs when you go check your results now. Did I pass? Did by some twisted fate I have to re-take my whole semester again? Doubts crept in and I was worried to an extent.

Lo and behold, I passed the semester with a grade point average of 2.96. Sounds low right? But I passed anyway.

Let's see my lowest scores 1st, C+ for contemporary harmony in music. Not too surprised, since I screwed up a bit during the 1st test. Thank goodness I manage to pull back during the finals and assignments.

To my highest score then, A- basic ear training. I am so happy with this one, I actually have a bad recognition for chords, but everything else seems fine with my aural, good for me.

SO I 'll be resuming routine typical very soon, till then.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New gear.

Shopping over the semester break for more drum related equipment. And oh yes, new cymbals. =D

24" cymbal bag. Pretty solid, and decent price

 But 1st, I got a new cymbal bag. Protection racket's 24" rucksack bag. That's one huge bag since there no 22" in stock, and I've been waiting for it since March, but JS music's re-stock schedule is taking too long. Doubt they'll bring it in anyway, since both 22" and 24" are same-priced; Chinese thinking ma, bigger is better, haha.

Stagg DH 13" medium hi-hat brilliant finish
Next was this guy, the hi-hats. After playing around with my seniors' hi-hats and getting some advice here and there, Stagg always got mentioned for good value for quality. And so I got this. And it did deliver, intermediate sound for entry level price.

Stagg DH 16" medium thin exo-crash
 Got this guy because of the nice thin crash sound. 16" is pretty typical, and this one's for a really neat price also. =D

Zildjian 20th Anniversary A custom 21" ride
I didn't know what I was getting until I came home for this one. Really a bright ride cymbal, crispy sizzle sound. After checking around and listening to what Bentley had to offer, I finally decided I'll take this one, and it was at 25% discount, wee~ I found it peculiar, Zildjian usually prints black on their cymbals, this one's white. Turns out I bought out the only one available in the shop, and it was only around there for 3 days. I landed myself a limited edition cymbal without even knowing, drools... @_@

And there goes my new gear. Looking forward to trying it on the kit soon.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Being a supposed histrionic.

A not so long break from blogging, and I'm back. It's the semester break now, and I feel the impulse to write once again.

If you mingle with me to a degree long enough, you will realise that I demand attention. Deep down in this insecure person, I seek comfort in praises of people.

It's not something I would willingly admit to you as a reader. But I thought that it's time I acknowledge it somehow. I have this history to say rash things, make bold claims and do unusually outgoing things. I seek that attention.

That aside, I have not much to write any more. Maybe I feel the foreboding of the start of college, that I will do badly as the drummer I am now, still slow in progress.

But isn't that why musicians become what they are? No matter how relaxed they seem, even the good ones, it is because of the attention they thrive in. They like it, nay, we like it, the cheers, the claps and applause. It brings that much joy...

Until you screw up while performing... You become extra sensitive to criticism, you feel like you no longer have the right to continue as a musician... For a moment, everything crumbles on you...

Until everything shadows you... You feel as though you are always doomed to be the worst... Everything you've work for... Is no more than a pathetic attempt... To seek attention...