Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New gear.

Shopping over the semester break for more drum related equipment. And oh yes, new cymbals. =D

24" cymbal bag. Pretty solid, and decent price

 But 1st, I got a new cymbal bag. Protection racket's 24" rucksack bag. That's one huge bag since there no 22" in stock, and I've been waiting for it since March, but JS music's re-stock schedule is taking too long. Doubt they'll bring it in anyway, since both 22" and 24" are same-priced; Chinese thinking ma, bigger is better, haha.

Stagg DH 13" medium hi-hat brilliant finish
Next was this guy, the hi-hats. After playing around with my seniors' hi-hats and getting some advice here and there, Stagg always got mentioned for good value for quality. And so I got this. And it did deliver, intermediate sound for entry level price.

Stagg DH 16" medium thin exo-crash
 Got this guy because of the nice thin crash sound. 16" is pretty typical, and this one's for a really neat price also. =D

Zildjian 20th Anniversary A custom 21" ride
I didn't know what I was getting until I came home for this one. Really a bright ride cymbal, crispy sizzle sound. After checking around and listening to what Bentley had to offer, I finally decided I'll take this one, and it was at 25% discount, wee~ I found it peculiar, Zildjian usually prints black on their cymbals, this one's white. Turns out I bought out the only one available in the shop, and it was only around there for 3 days. I landed myself a limited edition cymbal without even knowing, drools... @_@

And there goes my new gear. Looking forward to trying it on the kit soon.

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