Saturday, June 16, 2012

Results are back.

Finished the semester almost 3 weeks ago, and the dreaded moment occurs when you go check your results now. Did I pass? Did by some twisted fate I have to re-take my whole semester again? Doubts crept in and I was worried to an extent.

Lo and behold, I passed the semester with a grade point average of 2.96. Sounds low right? But I passed anyway.

Let's see my lowest scores 1st, C+ for contemporary harmony in music. Not too surprised, since I screwed up a bit during the 1st test. Thank goodness I manage to pull back during the finals and assignments.

To my highest score then, A- basic ear training. I am so happy with this one, I actually have a bad recognition for chords, but everything else seems fine with my aural, good for me.

SO I 'll be resuming routine typical very soon, till then.

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