Saturday, May 11, 2013

Routine not-so typical.

Many things are going to happen over the coming weekend and the week that follows. In fact, many unusual things had happened the past week as well. With elections over and all the dirty tricks that angered many, I saw quite a nice unity in the citizens.

My previously routine typical life has already shifted to this not so routine life. Just came home from Nero Fico after a gig by one of my lecturers, and boy was he a beast at the keyboards. Having Latte at night isn't such a good idea, it keeps my mind awake despite a badly weighed-down body, but the gig was really really nice.

Then tomorrow, there's my primary school classmate gathering and I'm quite excited. There's still a number I've yet to meet since 10 years old :D.

Come Sunday, then it'll be the MPO concert presenting music from Harry Potter, and I am going! Excited. :D

Then there's going to be a crazy busy week of practices and assignments. Can't wait to greet the adrenaline rush, and to get over it.

Life is turning out the way I partially imagined. It has been good, and I thank God for it all.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

5 years ago

It wasn't too long ago that I recall. The 15 year-old  I was back then reluctantly heading home back to Subang, I was living in Sitiawan at that time.

It was the elections back in 2008, and I was far less interested in the happenings of the event. I knew that politics were a nasty sector to be in, and all men are greedy. That of course was my assumption back then. I had to follow my parents back because they wanted to vote, something they had never done in several years according to my mum. What compelled them to vote that year? I didn't know until I grew older, they saw the need to go back and vote, they sensed something different that year. True enough, they became part of a new step in our political scene, the elections that year saw an increase in the opposition seats being won.

Looking at the news happening around me now, spontaneous is the word to describe it at the very least. What are my views you can ask? Simple, a new government. Be it anything, so long as it's not the old BN, reason being that there has been far too many glaring cases of corruption and arrogance among their ranks in the past.

So I'm just hoping for best in the coming 5 years, that is:

-The yet-to-be fully independent EC gets a full reform to be absolutely independent. Evidently there has been a handicap in the polls today.

-The culprits of said events be brought to justice.

-The foreign ghost voters be dealt with ethically and without violence. I understand many of them haven't the slightest clue of the magnitude their actions had done.

-No violent outburst or riots or any form of provocation happening tomorrow.

-What happens the next few days will not divide us, but unite us as a stronger community of Malaysians.