Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The voiceless protest.

It's week what? 13 already of this semester, I'm already pass the halfway mark. Not exactly the pacing I like actually.

Ask me how things are lately? I can give you a hint why I write blog post these days. It's because someone else isn't there listening to me chitter-chatter. Oh well, a voiceless protest, it's the silence that shouts out to me. Unfortunately, I can't heed the request.

Maybe it's that time again, where solitude brings in the necessary redemptive feeling, the glim of healing, ever so little.

Life is harsh towards me, although my distress is so much milder compared to many others. I appreciate the position I am in, it is indeed joyfully harsh, the kind of suffering that brings you good.

Tribute to Bee Gees concert is just 3 weeks away. I look forward to the performance, since one of the earliest of my inspiration was Bee Gees, I knew I had to get myself in it no matter what, and I did manage to. Playing percussions this time around, practices have started, and they run pretty late into the night.

But if not, it is an experience I really value. I actually hope it'll do me much good to be in it.

I ponder this, dark sky above.
Where are the stars? Your clouds hide them.
I ask this, wind of the night.
Why do you move? Your breeze carry my thoughts.

For the things that depart away from me,
Should I feel that I am answerable?
For the situations that happen,
Why do I feel out of control?