Sunday, February 28, 2010

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

Of the herb, I have yet to taste it. But I can tell it is definitely a fragrant herb.

As for he pronounciation, I say Thyme may well be a time in physical existance?

Yes, maybe. But time once again whithers and re-grows without stop. Where does this lead to? Ask me not.

March is tomorrow. This will my last post of February, and what a perfect number of the post to end, 10.

Love last foever, so need I not be worried about that.

With that said, I will move forward with a few points that are random statements with significat relations.

  • Be not unregrettable over troubles caused, be you responsible.
  • Yet not to love the world, but to love The Lord.
  • In lasting existance is your soul, in splinter flame is your body.
  • And so ye have made unrest, so ye will be in unrest.
  • So be it the destiny that lie ahead, loving is thy heart, corrupt is thy body.
  • And so move on shall we be freed from this limbo.
  • Physics is fun nevertheless.
  • I shall await the Gate of Pearls and Gold.
  • So move on the month of March.
There shall be peace to come.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chronicles of Narnia - Embarking a new journey.

Since 2000 until 2007, Harry Potter has captivated my reading life, and the author really delivered in my opinion what all readers would want: Not wanting to let the book down, even if it's 12 midnight and there's school tomorrow.

And since 2007, I never tried picking up another series-based books, only single individual stories. And of all those books between 2007 and now, they only offered me month-length thrills, never lasted for years. (But I highly recommend the Warcraft series novels even to the non-gamers, actually the story of the game is highly complex and often misunderstood by the gamers themselves, I myself am not a fan of the game, but a fan of the story, I particularly liked "Lord of the Clans")

But now, I feel like I haven't been reading enough books recently. Craze is over the Twillight series recently, but like Harry Potter, it has a major opposition just as it has a major fan-base. For my taste, I think I still won't get the hang of Romance-based supernatural fiction.

And since I am the magical-lore and fantasy type, I have finally come to the decision that I start with The Chronicles of Narnia. I believe some of you had seen the 1st and even the 2nd movie. Believe me, I was awe struck by the 1st one, but I haven't got the chance to read the 2nd one. Nevertheless, i really liked the concept. So right now I am looking forward to our school's Bookstore display day, I might be able to get a good discount if the book is available.

For the ones still new to the series, it is a Chronicle of the fictional land of Narnia, which exist in an alternate dimension to our world. Through its birth and creation till its destruction, the many wonderful, cheerful, frightening and courageous stories are told in a way most fantasy-readers will definitely be familiar with.

Hopefully the series will keep me reading until the start 2011.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Piano Player.

You see, this is the story of a boy, Yi. He was born on a beautiful day like every other child. And he was a special boy to his mother, the moment she lifted him from his bed, she could tell a great destiny in him.

But as he grew older and older, he failed to utter a single word, all he did was to blurt everything that only he understood. But he wasn't doing all this on a bed lying and motionless. He was actually running around the house so fast that his mother couldn't catch up with him. He was already 4, and diagnosed with autism.

His mother never gave up hope in him, for she believe that he is not sick, he is just misunderstood. But the world treated him cruelly. He would always be rejected by all the day-care centres available in his area. Other parents thought him to be insane, and always made sure that their children stay away from him, lest they become hurt by his hyper activeness. How painful is this misunderstanding that his mother felt for her child, but in his own mind, he was a happy boy, living his own dream world.

As one faithful day would have, Yi was accepted into a newly formed school for spacial children. And as faithful as that day will be, the teachers there found out he had a keen sense of hearing, and showed a strong attraction toward the melodic sounds coming out from the strange black device. Of course, we all know that it is a piano. But it fascinated Yi wildly. He would swing his body wildly and dance to the music despite having not learned any form of dance. After the pianist stopped, he pointed wildly to the piano, and the teachers thought that they found his spark. It was in music.

And as time pass by, he learned from simple songs to grand concertos. And he was only 16! And one could think that he was the luckiest child in the world when he was offered to perform his debut concerto. But when Yi took the stage, he marched up the stage like a lifeless body, and his arms made you think that they were made out of strings, lifeless and without power. All the organizers panicked! They were so afraid that pressure was affecting him. But when he hit the first note, nothing but pure fiery passion appeared. He played with so much spirit, even the ground shake with every note played. He swayed his body, and immersed himself so deeply into the music, one might think he was possessed!

And with that comes the end of the concert. The audience went wild! They were all on their feet. But suddenly, Yi stood up. he went for the microphone. The cheers immediately turned to silence. And as he started to open his mouth, tears rolled down his cheek. And so was his speech.

"I am just like any other normal boy, all I want is for my own mum to be proud of her son. Through this years, she has supported me with her immense love that now, I can stand here and give a proper speech. But sadly..."

Yi broke down to tears, but quickly continued... "Mum passed away this morning... But I know she will be happier than ever! In the past, I always told myself, why music, not art? My mum was deaf. She never manage to hear anything that I played in the past, but she would just smile and clap her hands whenever I finished... Now, I know that she can finally listen to what I play... I know that she will be proud!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

All gears oiled, it's time to go.

Compared to last year's February blog updates, this year's ones are so much less in memory. I celebrated Valentine's Day by trying to relive the dream back in 2009, it was Pageantry in Wind then.

Now? We got a lot of things to do. But like all things, there are many uncertainties. As for me, I can be sure of some things. But the current given condition? Call it somewhat depressing. But like all optimist, I will go on with a smile.

So tomorrow will be Monday, a day we bandsmen have been waiting for some time. The good news? We will deliver it tomorrow.

For now, let time go on.

Monday, February 15, 2010

And the sands of time flows on.

Chinese New-Year? So fast? I thought we just celebrated it last week...

Got the same feeling? Me too. Time is too fast yet again.

SPM, getting closer. Theory in Music exam, also getting closer. My life's turning point is this year.

It's getting complicated, times are hard, my parents are aging, and the economic crisis is not really showing any significant improvement.

During this trying times, all I can ask for is this, God, please guide me through it all, be with me.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Apology to my conscience.

Why? Why my conscience have you so tormented my decision? Have I not stand on the right place?

Zongxu, you disappoint me badly. He has a point in his argument, albeit weak ones. He was nevertheless wrong, but that is no license for your anger, which as you yourself said, 'You have right to be unhappy, but you have no right to express it'.

I failed my own statement. He is still a human being. Respect that he is still alive. But why his complex nature? Why my conscience? Is he not imperfect as well?

But Zongxu, neither are you. Remember, it takes two hands to clap. Since he is a candle in the wind, don't fan ever so hard. He is just a fish out of water. Pray that he will be able to find the right place eventually.

Alas my conscience, I have understand what must be done! Truth be told, but not now, for now I will just remain quiet.

I have freed myself.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It takes 2 hands to clap.

In the past, I tried to look from your point of view, and yes, you had your point, you had reasons to stand up for. You showed me everyone was imperfect. Still, your flaws are apparent, their presence loud and striking. I foresaw that, I believe you would change.

But just now was the last straw! You were absolutely unreceptive toward us, you only cared that you stayed the one that is right. But let me tell you the same thing that came out from your very mouth that in the past already done so much damage between us. It takes two hand to clap. Do you know what does this mean? It means both parties are wrong. But what was your argument? "That one you aren't correct, this you made the wrong decision, this that this that you wrong, YOU WRONG!"... What is this crap? 2 hand brother, you're the other half. Now here's the catch. The other hand is your superior. So what if he's wrong, you still gotta listen.

But NO. You failed to listen, and on top of that, you refuse to accept your mistake, YOUR MISTAKE. GO and stare at the mirror right now.

Yes, you have every right to be unhappy with him, every right that Barrack Obama can give you right now. BUT you have absolutely no right to express it, no right to show your anger, show your stance, nor show your colours to him. He may be an ass, a pain in your neck, but he is still your Superior. That is society man! If you can't take the beating, you're out, that's for sure. THAT'S IS FOR SURE, just in case you can't read.

P.S. I've never felt this pissed off before, had to let it out. But I still strongly believe that foul words are the last resort.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Somewhat nothing.

It's a blank post, it's meaningless. This post has no significant value, nor any back, front or side messages. Than why post it? A duty I dare say...

If so, what shall I write then?


Ok then, I'll give you readers a mind twister:
The following statement is true
The above statement is false.
If everything is possible, then it is possible that some things are not possible

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blind-folded act

Tomorrow is it... 1st semi competitive song performance for year 2010... Starting to hate politician's usual habit of everything last minute. What do I expect tomorrow? I am absolutely insecure, totally uninformed, and partly clueless what is the planning layout of tomorrow.

Life is always so rushed because of this last-minutes. Alas! I am so conflicted now. Worried sick and so insecure?

This is more tormenting than sight-reading. Wish me luck.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Embrace the lighter side.

Enough of deathly omens, bad thoughts, negative feelings and yin energy. It's time for the positives, the yang, the auspicious year is ahead! Goodness is abundant.

So to say, SPM, the year that for the last 13 years I have sub-consciously been preparing. It's going to be a live-changing experience, what a thing to look forward to.

Studies, the last year I'll get to savour the easy life of secondary school, bigger challenges await me, so I must rejoice now.

Friends, they will be around forever, but pull us apart, and we will never be quite the same again, and so, I must make as many things to remember with them as I can in a span of 1 year.

Band, time to redeem all the mistakes we've made, it's a bright future! The only thing that is in our way is our own thoughts. It can always be like last year. But why live in the past? The future is brighter yet. Prove the sceptics wrong, and that will be my final wish.

I want to make 2010 more significant to me than any other years that has come!