Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Piano Player.

You see, this is the story of a boy, Yi. He was born on a beautiful day like every other child. And he was a special boy to his mother, the moment she lifted him from his bed, she could tell a great destiny in him.

But as he grew older and older, he failed to utter a single word, all he did was to blurt everything that only he understood. But he wasn't doing all this on a bed lying and motionless. He was actually running around the house so fast that his mother couldn't catch up with him. He was already 4, and diagnosed with autism.

His mother never gave up hope in him, for she believe that he is not sick, he is just misunderstood. But the world treated him cruelly. He would always be rejected by all the day-care centres available in his area. Other parents thought him to be insane, and always made sure that their children stay away from him, lest they become hurt by his hyper activeness. How painful is this misunderstanding that his mother felt for her child, but in his own mind, he was a happy boy, living his own dream world.

As one faithful day would have, Yi was accepted into a newly formed school for spacial children. And as faithful as that day will be, the teachers there found out he had a keen sense of hearing, and showed a strong attraction toward the melodic sounds coming out from the strange black device. Of course, we all know that it is a piano. But it fascinated Yi wildly. He would swing his body wildly and dance to the music despite having not learned any form of dance. After the pianist stopped, he pointed wildly to the piano, and the teachers thought that they found his spark. It was in music.

And as time pass by, he learned from simple songs to grand concertos. And he was only 16! And one could think that he was the luckiest child in the world when he was offered to perform his debut concerto. But when Yi took the stage, he marched up the stage like a lifeless body, and his arms made you think that they were made out of strings, lifeless and without power. All the organizers panicked! They were so afraid that pressure was affecting him. But when he hit the first note, nothing but pure fiery passion appeared. He played with so much spirit, even the ground shake with every note played. He swayed his body, and immersed himself so deeply into the music, one might think he was possessed!

And with that comes the end of the concert. The audience went wild! They were all on their feet. But suddenly, Yi stood up. he went for the microphone. The cheers immediately turned to silence. And as he started to open his mouth, tears rolled down his cheek. And so was his speech.

"I am just like any other normal boy, all I want is for my own mum to be proud of her son. Through this years, she has supported me with her immense love that now, I can stand here and give a proper speech. But sadly..."

Yi broke down to tears, but quickly continued... "Mum passed away this morning... But I know she will be happier than ever! In the past, I always told myself, why music, not art? My mum was deaf. She never manage to hear anything that I played in the past, but she would just smile and clap her hands whenever I finished... Now, I know that she can finally listen to what I play... I know that she will be proud!"


  1. T_T~~~
    so touched by this page~~~
    btw, is this real ? or its just a story ?

  2. Nice story, good imagination, I would've never thought of anything like that, I'm never the touching type...

  3. Not 100% based on my own creativity to create. I heard this story in an English story telling competition. Suddenly felt like re-writing it, but this isn't 100% accurate, many parts I added myself, but the overall theme is the same. I'd assume that it isn't based on a true story.

  4. Lolz... same thing, editing is harder than creating, to me anyway. I think I really need my mental check up.