Monday, February 1, 2010

Embrace the lighter side.

Enough of deathly omens, bad thoughts, negative feelings and yin energy. It's time for the positives, the yang, the auspicious year is ahead! Goodness is abundant.

So to say, SPM, the year that for the last 13 years I have sub-consciously been preparing. It's going to be a live-changing experience, what a thing to look forward to.

Studies, the last year I'll get to savour the easy life of secondary school, bigger challenges await me, so I must rejoice now.

Friends, they will be around forever, but pull us apart, and we will never be quite the same again, and so, I must make as many things to remember with them as I can in a span of 1 year.

Band, time to redeem all the mistakes we've made, it's a bright future! The only thing that is in our way is our own thoughts. It can always be like last year. But why live in the past? The future is brighter yet. Prove the sceptics wrong, and that will be my final wish.

I want to make 2010 more significant to me than any other years that has come!

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