Monday, August 31, 2009

The end is the Begining.

End of what? End of holidays of course... I now will officially declare:

I, toozgx will with the best of my abilities, prepare for the final exams, starting from tomorrow onwards. I will not allow myself to fall for temptation to stop, and will begin with the simple structure of half-an-hourly study basis, and will uphold this habit until the end of this school term. The only exceptions to this declaration is the following subjects:

1) Sejarah - I have given up this subject since form 1, and so, I find no reason not to continue.
2) English - I have prepared almost everything since year start, so normal class lessons should be sufficient XD.
3) Pendidikan Moral - I strongly believe that putting effort in this subject is nothing but pure waste of time. No offence to those who do study it, bu this is my perspective. Furthermore, I can confidently say I will not end up being a social ill even with the lacking to this subject, thus my wish to discontinue.
4) Sivik - About the same reason as Moral...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Writer's block...

Yes, I am having a writer's block... Don't know how to continue "That white shirt and red tie"... Until I come up with a good story to continue with, I won't be continuing... Too bad XD...

And to continue, the holiday period is coming to an end... Chemistry? Not done... Moral? Not done... Play play play? Not enough T_T...

Haiz, so fast gonna come to an end... Band also nothing much to do...

I am so mixed up right now...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

That white shirt and red tie 2

"Who is that guy who sent me this present?", "Could it be my elder brother pulling my leg again?" All this thoughts circled around her head all day. Poor Tiffany was tormented by her own assumptions... "Could it actually be Brandon?? Oh dear... I don't want to be labelled Mrs Nerd... Oh silly me, I always think too much... No one said that guy wanted to date me... He was just being kind by sending me that gi..."

"Tiffany! Day-dreaming in my class?"

"No, Madam Lee, I was fi-figuring the question you just gave..."

Madam Lee is the head discipline teacher of the whole school. And boy, is she famous. No trouble maker has ever gotten pass her judgement. Even the gang triad members who were taught by her bow their head in respect whenever they meet up with her.

"IF that is what you claim, do share your thoughts with the class. I'll rephrase my question: Please name an example of a macro molecule"

"Hmmm... Silicon?" Tiffany said rather softly...

"Close, but still incorrect. It's suppose to be silicon dioxide, which is different from silicon. Another one would be diamonds, which are easier to remember. Next time, please pay full attention in my class Tiffany, or you'll lose out." Said Madam Lee.

"Yes Madam."


And so, before one could know the time, the last bell struck. Most of the boys already had their bags packed. Hasty as they were, Madam Lee would never dismiss the class without a proper biding of farewell from the class.

And when it was over, the corridor of the lab was filled with footsteps. But none so striking as that "nick knack" sound coming from the black leather shoe. And so, Tiffany was already reaching the gates when...

"Tiffany! Tiff, wait up" shouted Jo Ling.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" added Lily.

"Forgetting something? What could I be forgetting?" replied Tiffany "Is it my books? did I left it in the lab?"

"No silly. Weren't you dying to know who that mystery man was?" Jo said.

"Oh ya! How could I? Please, please, tell me. I totally forgotten about it after Madam Lee gave me a trashing" said Tiffany, as her tone went higher with excitement

"Don't worry, his outside the gate, he always is when school's over, don't be too surprised though" Lily said with a wink.

"Why should I be surprised?" Tiffany said as she threw a puzzled look at her peers.

"Well, you'll see" Lily said, while Jo was giggling away.

And so, as they approached the school gate, Tiffany's heart pounded. Each second passed and she felt like she could get a heart attack any moment.

"Oh oh oh, oooh! It's Shawn???" She thought. And boy, did she went through all the unnecessary worries. Shawn, may very well be Tiffany's counterpart. Being the top achiever in sports, Shawn brought back 2 champion title in the state football competition during his reign as team captain. Not to mention he broke the school's record for the long jump category.

"Yes it's Shawn. Boy, did he went through all the trouble trying to find out your birthday, "smart guy" he is trying to get that information from us 2, hehe" Lily whispered to Tiffany as they were nearing.

And those leather shoes are ever so helpful, for those clacking noises announced the arrival of Tiffany to Shawn.

Shawn turned around, and Tiffany paused. Both made eye contact for several seconds. And finally the silence was broken by Shawn...

"Er.. Hi, never thought I'd see you here, I believe they told you already?" said he with a rather weak grin in his face. One can actually see his hands shivering a bit.

"Ya, they did. By the way, nice to meet you, and thanks for the present." said a much more calmer Tiffany. She never failed to keep her calm, and was always good with her speech. She could whip up a sentence in a matter of seconds with as little effort as lifting a feather.

"You're welcome, I hope you like it. By the way, I was actually hoping to meet up sometime. How about it?

"Well, ok, I'll consider" replied Tiffany.


"Wow, my mums here, didn't see her... So I gotta go, my contact is inside the box. Chat some other time ya? Bye!" he said hastily as he got up the car.

"Ok, will do, bye." she said.

And this was followed by another moment of silence...

"So? What do you think Tiff? Worth your restless morning?" giggled Jo

"Now don't go thinking too far, we just met for a mere minute." shot Tiffany.

"But you can tell that he has some interest in you. Open the box, let's see what's inside." Jo replied.

"I believe that would only be for Tiff to decide when and where to open, Jo" said Lily.

"Well, I can't help but to feel a bit intrigued by this, I only remember meeting Shawn once during a class party. He was invited by one of our class boys."

"I remember that. He actually asked you for a dance." Lily said.

"Did he? I can't remember that. After all, it was so dark. Being in the playground at night, barbecue and stuff. We only had a radio to provide music... How is it possible we danced?" Tiffany asked back.

"Oh, but he did, and you accept. You probably mistaken him for Derrick, they both look quite alike. We actually saw you 2 do a silly jig on that "Dance Floor". You know Derrick and you always do the craziest of things, being childhood friends. But me and Jo are very sure that wasn't Derrick. It was definitely Shawn." Replied Lily.

"Huh? Now I remember... It wasn't Derrick?? How embarrassing. Doing that dance in front of the class. No wonder they were all hysterical with laughter when we danced..." Said Tiffany

"Oh well, your mum's here. Chat later ok? See ya!" said Lily

"Bye!" said Jo.

"Bye bye" said Tiffany as she went up her car.

After settling into her seat, she quickly unwrapped the present. Inside it was a box, and on top of the box, there was a message.

"Hi, please add me at Hope to hear from you soon"

And what was inside the box made her shocked.

To be continued.

PS. comments are welcomed, negative and positive alike. I hope I don't screw up XD...

That white shirt and red tie.

"Nick knack"... "Nick knack". That sound down the corridor, a sound of authority, many may consider. For it was in the corridor of this old school. There were this particular law the school implemented, that all prefects were to wear black leather shoes instead of the usual white fabric shoes. And so, goes to this particular girl prefect of fresh age.


Long smooth hair, and pearly round eyes that would have most boys stunned, not too tall yet not too short, and a figure that pulls attention like a magnet. Yes she was that popular girl of the school, good grades, many friends, a well-to-do family background. She was always the talk of the class, boys always tried to date her, girls were always trying to fault her... And what made her stand out the most was that she was the only prefect in their class. Only she wore that unique pair of black leather shoes.

And so, every morning, when she reaches the corridor to her classroom, everyone would know by that clacking sound.

"She's coming? quick, hide the wrappers" Said Lily, one of her friends.

"Already? Tiffany? fast, hide it in the desk, the drawer, anywhere!" squeaked Jo Ling, another of her friends.

And so, Tiffany, the ever punctual girl, enters her classroom only to see her 2 friends with that funny look on their faces.

"Lily, Jo? Why so early today? I never thought you will be here at school so early." said she, with a smile.

"Well, today's speacial, we have a surprise for you Tiff, close your eyes" Lily said with a hint of excitement"

"Happy Birthday Tiff! We bought you a present" Said Jo.

"My, what a surprise indeed. I'm stunned, such a lovely wrapping, I don't have the heart to open it. Thanks so much!" Said Tiffany, with a smile so wide, it reached her ears.

"Well, you can always open it after school" Said Jo.

"Well, I suppose so" Said Tiffany. "By the way, about yesterday's Biology assign-... What is that package on your table?"

"Oooh, ohh, I nearly forget, it's for you, Tiff. Try guessing who sent it, it's a boy." said Lily, who was jumping with excitement once again

"Oh my, a boy who actually remembered my birthday? Now that's something out of the norm... I wonder. Mind telling me now? Said Tiffany.

"Nonono... If you can't think of the answer, we're only gonna tell you after school, haha" Said Jo with a cheeky giggle.

"Oh, don't be so bad, you'll leave me wondering whole day..." begged Tiffany.

"Too bad, we're not telling until the last bell rings" Lily added.

"Ok, but promise you will tell" Tiffany said

"Sure we will" said Jo.

To be continued...

PS. Ok, 1st time trying out a short story... But I'm betting only a handful will read to the end... I doubt weather I would even continue... But meh, just trying to overcome my boredom... By the way, characters are actually inspired by some of the friends I have. Please do leave some comment. IF generally are positive, I will continue XD...

Define life.

This is tough. The toughest question one may ask himself. Ask what is the purpose of life. If spoken on a none-religious context, I practically have yet to find out the answer for myself. No, living a normal happy family life is not the answer. It's not actions that are answers.

Study, play, earn a living, start a family... Enjoy life... What is the meaning of it? Why are we bounded by this? Why is "normal" ever normal? Our life could be very much different you know? Think from a different dimension. If we don't depend on food, water and consumptions to survive, what would life be like? Living plants? Walking while producing their own food?

So why our life is made so like that we are today? What is the purpose of our existence? What do the atheist think about life after death? I tend to wonder... If life is but a short period of eternity, what is the feeling of not existing... Why do we live out our life this way? I wonder...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Long Live Life.

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing
"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!"

For some reason I can't explain
I know Saint Peter won't call my name
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world

Quoted from different verses of the song "Viva La Vida"

And after listening to it several times, I can't help but to think, somehow, this song reflects what happen to our band... Nothing personal, I know it's over for some time... But, coincidence or not, try reading the lyrics. For the past year, everything seems to be so bliss, so smooth. This year, "St. Peter" didn't call our name... We were once the King...

Nothing personal, really, I just feel the need to lament a bit...

Final push.

Final push? Final push for finals...

Once we head back to school, it's all work no play...

Wishing all the form 5s the best of luck, may your efforts pay off this coming SPM trials...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Happy? Sad? Bored? Worried?

All actually, now that the holidays are nearing, I feel happy, sad, bored and worried... Time flies, as usual, and now, here we are, at this stage. Once the holidays are over, form 5 will do their trials while form 4 will start revising for finals, form 3 will start charging towards PMR, and the remaining are left with finals.

And I'll be back to KL during that period... Hopefully it'll be interesting. At least Gamecube is coming XD, get to play Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker, continue from where I started...

So, will update soon after KL trip.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Princeof Egypt OST review.

One day I came across an article on The Prince of Egypt, to which I later discovered that I actually saw the film when I was younger, although I can't remember much. It is the story about moses, produced by Dreamworks animation. The soundtrack was composed by, to my pleasant surprise, Hans Zimmer, while songs were done by Stephen Schwartz, and after my mingling around, I found out the raw power of the soundtracks, as usual with Hans Zimmer's style, powerful strong music with emotion-churning themes and motifs.

The track list:
1 "When You Believe" (5:05)
2 "Deliver Us" (7:16)
3 "The Reprimand" (4:05)
4 "Following Tzipporah" (1:01)
5 "All I Ever Wanted (With Queen's Reprise)" (2:51)
6 "Goodbye Brother" (5:34)
7 "Through Heaven's Eyes" (3:42)
8 "The Burning Bush" (7:18)
9 "Playing With The Big Boys" (2:53)
10 "Cry" (3:50)
11 "Rally" (0:43)
12 "The Plagues" (2:40)
13 "Death Of The First Born" (1:08)
14 "When You Believe" (4:05)
15 "Red Sea" (5:15)
16 "Through Heaven's Eyes" (5:05)
17 "River Lullaby" (3:57)
18 "Humanity" (4:33)
19 "I Will Get There (A Cappella)" (4:21)

For a rough play list to listen to, click here to listen.
So the comments I can give are the very majestic sound of brass throughout the whole soundtrack, where for sure one can hear the sound of french horns, trumpets, trombones and tubas overwhelming them. The brass parts play for most of the time, the over Egyptian theme, usually the more aggressive ones. Woodwinds oftentimes play the whirlwind rhythmic themes, and the slow melodies, flutes especially, while strings form the main tunes. Being a musical animations, there is singing. Most of the songs are sang by professional singers, except for some of the original crew who opt. to sing their own character's songs, And I must say that the late Ofra Haza simply has me mesmerised in the river lullaby theme of "Deliver Us", to which she sings with a very beautiful yet haunting voice... It's sad that she already passed away. Another highlight of this soundtrack is "When you Believe", the award winning song of this soundtrack. Apart from that, a lot of the other songs are equally overwhelming. I personally like "All I ever Wanted" which enchants listeners with it's instrumental intro before the song, leaving one in awe and wonder, I highly recommend you all to listen to it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thematic Show 2010?

Yes. The Drum Corps (pronounced Drum Core, so that you know...) revolution is hitting Malaysia... Nan Hwa finally re-introduce the thematic show concept. First time was in 2004, with the Minimally Speaking theme. 2005, the work of Karl Jenkins, "In Caleum Fero" and "Cantus, Song of Aeolus". 2006? Nope... 2007? Rest year... 2008? Nope... 2009? Close, but nope... 2010, HECK YES!! If only there wasn't a rule for lagu wajib, it would be a full thematic show...

Looking forward to a good year next year in band. The song selections are very interesting. But that is all I can say. No further elaborations. Don't come asking from me...

Good luck to the afternoon session in their their exams!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's a dinner of joy and sorrows.

Last night's dinner, was a deja vu for me in many ways. It reminded me strongly of last year, our comeback year. I remember one of my seniors telling me last year when we got knocked-out during the KLWMBC semi-final: this(2008) is just not your year yet. Wait until next year, and you'll achieve it. Sigh... How much I wish she was right. Last year turn out to be a more memorable year for me. I know I should be a good sportsman, but any human in this world will still feel disappointed if his in my shoes. Nevertheless, this year can be more of a lesson than just a memory. In addition, I can always rely on Pageantry in Wind to add to the plus points.

Last night, we went to Shabu Shabu (the fake one) Steamboat Buffet Restaurant for our Band Appreciation Dinner. Although the band videos weren't finished, we still enjoyed the 2min preview. Not forgetting last year's dinner, also around this time, which was more fun, but this year's dinner brought along with it an equally overwhelming flow of memories as last year's dinner did. Alas, one can only hope so much.

And today's audition saw most of those auditioning potentially good. With that said, no worries about next year, we got good members on our side. But the KLWMBC 2009 dream might not happen, because if it does, there won't be next year.

Other information includes that Junt is going to make his next visit soon (dates not confirmed), bringing along Duang and a new coach, Lung. Junt will as usual handle the percussion, while Duang will spice up the Colour Guards. Lastly, wind players, rejoice, by next year, you all will get your fair share of muscle aches because the new coach, Lung, who was recommended by Junt, is indeed, a brass player specialist. Hopefully by next year, we will achieve a well-balanced band, even more balanced than this year.

So that's it. I'm going to continue with my routine typical life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The 15th MSSMBC.

I'm rushing for now, so photos will uploaded separately.

On the topic, last Sunday came as a competition full of surprise.

I'll zoom to the results:
1st: Kedah - SMK Sultanah Asma
2nd: Perak - SMK Sam Tet
3rd: Terengganu - Chung Hwa Wei Sin
4th: SMK Tun Fatimah, Johor

5th: MGSS, Pahang
6th: SMK St.John, KL
7th: SMK St.Joseph, Sarawak
8th: SMK Chung Hwa, Kelantan


SMK Derma, Perlis
SMJK Jit Sin, P.Pinang
SMJK Kwang Hua, Selangor

*placing are not in order

I'll give a few quick comments
Asma - Great impact, flowing formations, clean footwork, clear dynamics. Nothing much I can say or point out, you all did a great job and set a high standard to the Malaysian Marching Band scene. No doubt a good show. Congratulations

Sam Tet
- I must be frank on this point, after seeing your show, I can say that there was a major improvement since state competition, namely sound projection, not overblown like last round. Impact was further enhance by being an indoor competition, to which is an advantage, especially a band with less people compared to the other bands. But dynamic wise, I find you all lack clarity. The lack of a colour guard team was replaced by a very flamboyant drum major, but I must point out that the lacking of a colour guard team will still be a great disadvantage in terms of showmanship. With all this said, I was predicting that Sam Tet could get a gold certificate. BUT the last thing on my mind was that you all manage to defeat CHWS. I must say, despite all that has happen, I strongly believe that CHWS's show was technically more challenging and more entertaining as compared to you all. I will not pretend that I wasn't shocked when I heard the results. Nevertheless, you proved to us that you still manage to deliver what the judges wanted, which is straight and clean formations and clear music. Congratulations, and work for the better next year.

- I must say that it probably takes a lot of effort to re-march the same formation with a different group of people. Noting that your formations are not easy, I must say that from there, you all lose out to Sam Tet, both formation clearness and sound quality. It is sad to say that the score sheet probably didn't include a "technical complexity" category. Your colour guards are new, but nevertheless, on par with the other schools who have marched colour guard much earlier than you. All in all, a good show, but I am a bit disappointed because I always was expecting something new and fresh from you all since the start of the year.

- I will not spare acid on this point. I can say, that your 1st movement "Minimally Speaking" would've been more potential if accompanied by good flowing formation. BUT, you all had to do a lot of stand-still on the difficult parts. Although you all were very sporting with a lot of eye-opening static dance and movement, I must point out that it is a MARCHING Band, not a SHOW Band. Formation lacks flow. And too much patterns during stand-stills aren't the best way to impress a crowd who wants to see some formations instead. Throughout, your band's balancing in terms of music was way out. Your drummers were over-powering, muffling all the wind player's sound. High brass, namely trumpets, despite having over 10 players, barely enough trumpet sound was heard. I was expecting a good nice "in my face" impact during minimally speaking's impact point, But all I got was drums slamming away. By that part of the music, I should be hearing the bright trumpet sounds already... Now done with negatives, I can state the positives. Steps and basic footwork are very good, and all you patterns and movements were executed sharply, a good point to start with. I just find your over-robotic static march was a bit weird. Now to conclude, I must admit I wasn't prepared for the results, which means in my personal evaluation, there were better bands compared to you all.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'll be there for you~~~~
I'll be there for you~~~~
I'll be there for you~~~~

Reminds me the comedy series "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" theme song...

Friend... You can't do anything without them... They just appear like that, as if like angels to your life. How sweet... Sometimes, it's sad to see some anti-socials missing out what true friendship can bring to their lives.

And so what should I say about my friends? What else other than a BIG THANK YOU! No regrets being friends man. Only a friend will help you in your time of need, so have more friends. Enemies will never help, so kids, don't be like Mr. Heng K.W. from 4SC who is always happy making new enemies -_-...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reflections on 2009

School life:
Life in science-stream is tough. But is a heck load of FUN :P... So thus I must say, that time has once again slipped pass me like sands in my hands, slowly falling each second. There I was, form 4 freshman learning everything too fast... Now, my head is over-loaded with quadratic formulas, mathematical logic, physical principles, biological facts, ionic properties and much more...

And now? here I am, nearly reaching the climax of my form 4 life... Did I take this year seriously? Did I treat it as a "honeymoon" year?... I better not regret next year...

SPM is next year. And am I prepared for year-end test? All this doubts surround me now...

Family life:
So much happened this year. I had so many family reunion dinners... Met back a good number of old friends, and meeting a lot of distant relatives...

So, much like normal for me, having so many family events... Who doesn't?

Band life:
I definitely have A LOT to write about in this category... But I believe it would be mostly repetitions.

Reflecting much of this year, I can start off by saying that I had learned much from every event I participated, namely our 2009 concert "Pageantry in Wind 2009", as I have to admit that playing the keyboard and tuned percussion instruments were very exciting for me, and having done that, I have a greater yearning to learn more.

And for the marching part of our routine, I can say that playing the 22" Bass Drum and being a part of the 5-man multi-tonal bass drum team was pure pleasure with no regrets. I was honoured to be part of this group. And although we fail to bring back the title of Champion from our State Competition, we anyhow manage to gain recognition from many of our seniors for being calm, cool, reserved and stable.

For now, my competitive spirit has slowed down. Back to basics, that is it... Now I am switching concentration on a number of things to accomplish:
1) Strengthen my basic drumming skills by regular rudiment exercises;
2) Train juniors in groups and in singles;
3) Prepare for the coming percussion auditions, in hope to audition for tenor-drums.
4) Do my best to help the band prepare for upcoming events.
5) Switching from marching mode to concert mode (Ms Timpani, here I come XD)

Lastly, I would like to mention that I will be going down to Johor this weekend to watch the Malaysian Secondary School Marching Band Competition live. I support all bands from around the country, but I would like to personally say to all Sam Tet Brass Band members who read my blog: Enjoy the competition, do your best, and if you do, no one can complain. I wish you all the best of luck, and that you can meet your targets. Cheers, happy competition.
"Music is for friendship" - Junt.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The moment I got to our destination, SM Teknik Slim River, I thought: This is going to be a wild ride"... So it is.

The bed sheets in the hostel was like "What The ****"??? White-turn-brown bed sheets... I thought graffiti drawings existed on walls... I was wrong... The bed sheet also got doodles!!!

Every minute the school got 1 announcement... Never got a quiet moment... EVEN AT FREAKIN' 12 O'CLOCK ALSO GOT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Next day, at 6 o'clock, got some stupid warden go ring the morning bell for 1 minute... Scared us all awake. THEN, just when it stopped, we put our heads down our pillow... "PPEEEEEET!! PPEET PEET" Some madman drives around our compound and keep horning... After 2 freakin' minutes, finally he stop... Ahhh... Finally can get some res... "Allaabu Akbar..."... Swt... Morning prayer... So want to sleep also can't sleep...

Continue with competition, is no comment actually, we done our best, no mistakes... The other teams were very good, I like the 1st runner-up team's show "The mirror has 2 faces" about Jill the Ripper, with reference to the Psycho movie, having the main character have a split personality, and reference to batman, having the main character look like the joker... I s about a girl who looks very pretty... Got 1 guy fall in love with her... In the end, he found out she was a pyschopath killer...

And all we got was a Participation Cert... That's it...

Nevertheless, it was fun, playing Poker at night while listening to "Poker Face"...