Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Princeof Egypt OST review.

One day I came across an article on The Prince of Egypt, to which I later discovered that I actually saw the film when I was younger, although I can't remember much. It is the story about moses, produced by Dreamworks animation. The soundtrack was composed by, to my pleasant surprise, Hans Zimmer, while songs were done by Stephen Schwartz, and after my mingling around, I found out the raw power of the soundtracks, as usual with Hans Zimmer's style, powerful strong music with emotion-churning themes and motifs.

The track list:
1 "When You Believe" (5:05)
2 "Deliver Us" (7:16)
3 "The Reprimand" (4:05)
4 "Following Tzipporah" (1:01)
5 "All I Ever Wanted (With Queen's Reprise)" (2:51)
6 "Goodbye Brother" (5:34)
7 "Through Heaven's Eyes" (3:42)
8 "The Burning Bush" (7:18)
9 "Playing With The Big Boys" (2:53)
10 "Cry" (3:50)
11 "Rally" (0:43)
12 "The Plagues" (2:40)
13 "Death Of The First Born" (1:08)
14 "When You Believe" (4:05)
15 "Red Sea" (5:15)
16 "Through Heaven's Eyes" (5:05)
17 "River Lullaby" (3:57)
18 "Humanity" (4:33)
19 "I Will Get There (A Cappella)" (4:21)

For a rough play list to listen to, click here to listen.
So the comments I can give are the very majestic sound of brass throughout the whole soundtrack, where for sure one can hear the sound of french horns, trumpets, trombones and tubas overwhelming them. The brass parts play for most of the time, the over Egyptian theme, usually the more aggressive ones. Woodwinds oftentimes play the whirlwind rhythmic themes, and the slow melodies, flutes especially, while strings form the main tunes. Being a musical animations, there is singing. Most of the songs are sang by professional singers, except for some of the original crew who opt. to sing their own character's songs, And I must say that the late Ofra Haza simply has me mesmerised in the river lullaby theme of "Deliver Us", to which she sings with a very beautiful yet haunting voice... It's sad that she already passed away. Another highlight of this soundtrack is "When you Believe", the award winning song of this soundtrack. Apart from that, a lot of the other songs are equally overwhelming. I personally like "All I ever Wanted" which enchants listeners with it's instrumental intro before the song, leaving one in awe and wonder, I highly recommend you all to listen to it.

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