Thursday, August 27, 2009

That white shirt and red tie.

"Nick knack"... "Nick knack". That sound down the corridor, a sound of authority, many may consider. For it was in the corridor of this old school. There were this particular law the school implemented, that all prefects were to wear black leather shoes instead of the usual white fabric shoes. And so, goes to this particular girl prefect of fresh age.


Long smooth hair, and pearly round eyes that would have most boys stunned, not too tall yet not too short, and a figure that pulls attention like a magnet. Yes she was that popular girl of the school, good grades, many friends, a well-to-do family background. She was always the talk of the class, boys always tried to date her, girls were always trying to fault her... And what made her stand out the most was that she was the only prefect in their class. Only she wore that unique pair of black leather shoes.

And so, every morning, when she reaches the corridor to her classroom, everyone would know by that clacking sound.

"She's coming? quick, hide the wrappers" Said Lily, one of her friends.

"Already? Tiffany? fast, hide it in the desk, the drawer, anywhere!" squeaked Jo Ling, another of her friends.

And so, Tiffany, the ever punctual girl, enters her classroom only to see her 2 friends with that funny look on their faces.

"Lily, Jo? Why so early today? I never thought you will be here at school so early." said she, with a smile.

"Well, today's speacial, we have a surprise for you Tiff, close your eyes" Lily said with a hint of excitement"

"Happy Birthday Tiff! We bought you a present" Said Jo.

"My, what a surprise indeed. I'm stunned, such a lovely wrapping, I don't have the heart to open it. Thanks so much!" Said Tiffany, with a smile so wide, it reached her ears.

"Well, you can always open it after school" Said Jo.

"Well, I suppose so" Said Tiffany. "By the way, about yesterday's Biology assign-... What is that package on your table?"

"Oooh, ohh, I nearly forget, it's for you, Tiff. Try guessing who sent it, it's a boy." said Lily, who was jumping with excitement once again

"Oh my, a boy who actually remembered my birthday? Now that's something out of the norm... I wonder. Mind telling me now? Said Tiffany.

"Nonono... If you can't think of the answer, we're only gonna tell you after school, haha" Said Jo with a cheeky giggle.

"Oh, don't be so bad, you'll leave me wondering whole day..." begged Tiffany.

"Too bad, we're not telling until the last bell rings" Lily added.

"Ok, but promise you will tell" Tiffany said

"Sure we will" said Jo.

To be continued...

PS. Ok, 1st time trying out a short story... But I'm betting only a handful will read to the end... I doubt weather I would even continue... But meh, just trying to overcome my boredom... By the way, characters are actually inspired by some of the friends I have. Please do leave some comment. IF generally are positive, I will continue XD...


  1. hey keep it up..the feeling is jz like reading a novel or story book..feels great..carry on..

  2. Thanks, still thinking about the overall plot though... will take some time...