Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's a dinner of joy and sorrows.

Last night's dinner, was a deja vu for me in many ways. It reminded me strongly of last year, our comeback year. I remember one of my seniors telling me last year when we got knocked-out during the KLWMBC semi-final: this(2008) is just not your year yet. Wait until next year, and you'll achieve it. Sigh... How much I wish she was right. Last year turn out to be a more memorable year for me. I know I should be a good sportsman, but any human in this world will still feel disappointed if his in my shoes. Nevertheless, this year can be more of a lesson than just a memory. In addition, I can always rely on Pageantry in Wind to add to the plus points.

Last night, we went to Shabu Shabu (the fake one) Steamboat Buffet Restaurant for our Band Appreciation Dinner. Although the band videos weren't finished, we still enjoyed the 2min preview. Not forgetting last year's dinner, also around this time, which was more fun, but this year's dinner brought along with it an equally overwhelming flow of memories as last year's dinner did. Alas, one can only hope so much.

And today's audition saw most of those auditioning potentially good. With that said, no worries about next year, we got good members on our side. But the KLWMBC 2009 dream might not happen, because if it does, there won't be next year.

Other information includes that Junt is going to make his next visit soon (dates not confirmed), bringing along Duang and a new coach, Lung. Junt will as usual handle the percussion, while Duang will spice up the Colour Guards. Lastly, wind players, rejoice, by next year, you all will get your fair share of muscle aches because the new coach, Lung, who was recommended by Junt, is indeed, a brass player specialist. Hopefully by next year, we will achieve a well-balanced band, even more balanced than this year.

So that's it. I'm going to continue with my routine typical life.

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