Monday, August 31, 2009

The end is the Begining.

End of what? End of holidays of course... I now will officially declare:

I, toozgx will with the best of my abilities, prepare for the final exams, starting from tomorrow onwards. I will not allow myself to fall for temptation to stop, and will begin with the simple structure of half-an-hourly study basis, and will uphold this habit until the end of this school term. The only exceptions to this declaration is the following subjects:

1) Sejarah - I have given up this subject since form 1, and so, I find no reason not to continue.
2) English - I have prepared almost everything since year start, so normal class lessons should be sufficient XD.
3) Pendidikan Moral - I strongly believe that putting effort in this subject is nothing but pure waste of time. No offence to those who do study it, bu this is my perspective. Furthermore, I can confidently say I will not end up being a social ill even with the lacking to this subject, thus my wish to discontinue.
4) Sivik - About the same reason as Moral...

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