Monday, August 10, 2009

The 15th MSSMBC.

I'm rushing for now, so photos will uploaded separately.

On the topic, last Sunday came as a competition full of surprise.

I'll zoom to the results:
1st: Kedah - SMK Sultanah Asma
2nd: Perak - SMK Sam Tet
3rd: Terengganu - Chung Hwa Wei Sin
4th: SMK Tun Fatimah, Johor

5th: MGSS, Pahang
6th: SMK St.John, KL
7th: SMK St.Joseph, Sarawak
8th: SMK Chung Hwa, Kelantan


SMK Derma, Perlis
SMJK Jit Sin, P.Pinang
SMJK Kwang Hua, Selangor

*placing are not in order

I'll give a few quick comments
Asma - Great impact, flowing formations, clean footwork, clear dynamics. Nothing much I can say or point out, you all did a great job and set a high standard to the Malaysian Marching Band scene. No doubt a good show. Congratulations

Sam Tet
- I must be frank on this point, after seeing your show, I can say that there was a major improvement since state competition, namely sound projection, not overblown like last round. Impact was further enhance by being an indoor competition, to which is an advantage, especially a band with less people compared to the other bands. But dynamic wise, I find you all lack clarity. The lack of a colour guard team was replaced by a very flamboyant drum major, but I must point out that the lacking of a colour guard team will still be a great disadvantage in terms of showmanship. With all this said, I was predicting that Sam Tet could get a gold certificate. BUT the last thing on my mind was that you all manage to defeat CHWS. I must say, despite all that has happen, I strongly believe that CHWS's show was technically more challenging and more entertaining as compared to you all. I will not pretend that I wasn't shocked when I heard the results. Nevertheless, you proved to us that you still manage to deliver what the judges wanted, which is straight and clean formations and clear music. Congratulations, and work for the better next year.

- I must say that it probably takes a lot of effort to re-march the same formation with a different group of people. Noting that your formations are not easy, I must say that from there, you all lose out to Sam Tet, both formation clearness and sound quality. It is sad to say that the score sheet probably didn't include a "technical complexity" category. Your colour guards are new, but nevertheless, on par with the other schools who have marched colour guard much earlier than you. All in all, a good show, but I am a bit disappointed because I always was expecting something new and fresh from you all since the start of the year.

- I will not spare acid on this point. I can say, that your 1st movement "Minimally Speaking" would've been more potential if accompanied by good flowing formation. BUT, you all had to do a lot of stand-still on the difficult parts. Although you all were very sporting with a lot of eye-opening static dance and movement, I must point out that it is a MARCHING Band, not a SHOW Band. Formation lacks flow. And too much patterns during stand-stills aren't the best way to impress a crowd who wants to see some formations instead. Throughout, your band's balancing in terms of music was way out. Your drummers were over-powering, muffling all the wind player's sound. High brass, namely trumpets, despite having over 10 players, barely enough trumpet sound was heard. I was expecting a good nice "in my face" impact during minimally speaking's impact point, But all I got was drums slamming away. By that part of the music, I should be hearing the bright trumpet sounds already... Now done with negatives, I can state the positives. Steps and basic footwork are very good, and all you patterns and movements were executed sharply, a good point to start with. I just find your over-robotic static march was a bit weird. Now to conclude, I must admit I wasn't prepared for the results, which means in my personal evaluation, there were better bands compared to you all.


  1. I'm glad to see the positive comment from you. Had been receive many flame from other without good reason. The sound is much better compare to perak competition, but i can see that still got some spacing problem in the national competition. & the drum major is too nervous on the day. Anyway, competition is always like this, we cant always get what we want, but at least we did our best to present the show to the people

  2. Yeah, we all gonna work for next year. Btw, Sam Tet joining KLWMBC 2009?