Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gadgets a-many.

Just the 4 days before, my 2nd sister passed me her previous phone, a Sony Ericsson Aino, which was barely a year in used. She switched to the iPhone bandwagon, thus the hand-me-downs ritual~

Well I'm definitely happy, but that also comes with a burden. As all gadgets, the bane of maintenance comes with it... So yeah, I'm already the electronic freak... Yet I have so many things in my wish-list.

And now since my uncle from the US is back, it's like Santa Clause to me and my younger sister~

And ever since the last trip, it's turning from chocolates and candy to gadgets and electronics...

And even until now, I still pretty much am in disbelief that I own an iPod touch... Yes I just received it just now as a gift from my uncle!


New toy for the big boy, wuahahaha, and my sister's finally gonna have the satisfaction of owning my previous iPod, something she's been eyeing since the day I got it. So, oh well, all's well ends well.

And that's not the end of it apparently... My cousin sister (my uncle's daughter) told me there's more to come tonight...

I feel like a kid again! >w<

Don't mean to brag, but oh well, I won't be bringing them out of the house often anyway... I think. :x

And off I go~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Failed.

Chilly this morning, just the way I like it. Woke up at 6:30am this morning to because I had to retrieve something from school urgently. And after that, it's the usual wait for the driving institute's driver to come pick me up to go to the institute... Only this time, it wasn't for lessons, but the real deal, the test...

Call me a wee bit nervous yet, I try to boast a little confidence (maybe even over-confidence) to ease myself. Seeing a huge crowd of people who were also sitting the test, made me feel anxious... And I didn't know why. About half the people who were there this morning were actually sitting through a re-take.

Zhi Yin was also there. We chatted a bit, talking about our past driving endeavors, and how nervous we were... She was waiting to sit the car test as well.

Soon, I registered and went to the waiting area for the "Parking" section of the test. Somehow, I felt a little more relaxed in this part, cause it's in a controlled environment, and as long as I follow the book, nothing could go wrong. My turn came, and I took on the vehicle. Going through those obstacles was a bit nerve wrecking when I did, but I managed to pull through. Perfect scores, how nice, so I passed.

Coming back to the registration waiting area, I had to wait another round, this time, it was the road test, where I actually have to face real-life road conditions... Zhi Yin went off with her parking test soon enough. And after about 45 minutes later, she came back, telling me she had pass.

But I was still waiting...

Another 15 minutes or so, it came to me, my turn to take on the road. Went through the checking procedure, reversed, and off I go onto the road. I felt a little more confident actually, after warming up with the parking. Going to route "B", it was my favorite, since I personally find it easy to take on. Everything went smoothly...

Until I reached the school. When I turned in the junction leading to the road next to the school, there was a huge bunch of students walking in the middle of the road, obstructing me to go on further. Thinking that since the right side of the lane was clear, I steered my way around the students who were still slacking away, and off I go. I thought nothing of it, and the rest of the journey was smooth enough.

When I reached back the centre, I was a wee bit dumbfounded that I failed... The examiner explained to me that in the condition I faced just now, I could've brake and stop, allowing the students to fully clear the way before moving again, and by overtaking them, it killed my score and immediately voided me of a pass...

Great, now I miss being a student, king of the road, always right and never wrong in an accident as long as in uniform...

Going home, a bit disappointed, but still hopeful all the same. My next attempt would be the next Friday, I should be a bit more alert by then.

Arrived home, Zhi Yin texted me that she passed, in a way I'm green with envy, but then I'm also happy for her, she needn't go through what I went through. Congratulations to her.

Driving test? Failed... Forever? No, just once, mark my words. ;)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

In a pot.

Well so to say the things that happened recently... Connection is bad, which is the reason why I feel demotivated from posting anyway.

So 1st things 1st, half of my audition pieces is completed, just one song to go.

Driving? Next week Wednesday is the test. Wish me luck.

I have a sudden impulse to buy myself a new guitar lately... A Yamaha F310 Acoustic body, steel string model to be exact. And the strangest part is, my mum's WILLING to buy it. @.@ Now I feel bad all of a sudden, maybe I should go for a cheaper model...

So I guess that's all I can write for now... Limited ideas and inspiration lately.

Till then~

Friday, May 6, 2011


Observational qualities, the gift of analysing a situation given to oneself before taking the leap, the ability to determine the conditions of a being by their movements and habits without needing much time to know them, the habit of taking into account the changes around oneself. Through the whole day today, somehow that's the message I've been receiving by providence.

To come this point I do realise I lack the quality of observation. Skin-deep understanding, I must admit, ruled me these few years. I tend to look at the things present only above surfaces of a present condition.

But alas I think with an opposing view now. Indeed the need for analysing is graver than I expected, moving into reality.

What can I achieve now? What can I do? Learn from mistakes.

And to conclude that indeed, I should start taking into account, the things that happen around me.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May fly.

So I'm moving into the 5th month since graduating from high school. What can I say now?

Preparing my audition materials... Again another rush job by me... Gotta get it done by the end of the month... ICOM auditions are actually on the 7th of May. But I'm going for the alternate method...


I wonder though... Who will be wiling to lend me their video camera to me?...

Driving is... Going smoothly so far, I can only hope to be better in the coming rounds.

So my prediction? May will fly like nobody's business. Yeah, and I'll be leaving Sitiawan for good soon.

May come flying, every year.