Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gadgets a-many.

Just the 4 days before, my 2nd sister passed me her previous phone, a Sony Ericsson Aino, which was barely a year in used. She switched to the iPhone bandwagon, thus the hand-me-downs ritual~

Well I'm definitely happy, but that also comes with a burden. As all gadgets, the bane of maintenance comes with it... So yeah, I'm already the electronic freak... Yet I have so many things in my wish-list.

And now since my uncle from the US is back, it's like Santa Clause to me and my younger sister~

And ever since the last trip, it's turning from chocolates and candy to gadgets and electronics...

And even until now, I still pretty much am in disbelief that I own an iPod touch... Yes I just received it just now as a gift from my uncle!


New toy for the big boy, wuahahaha, and my sister's finally gonna have the satisfaction of owning my previous iPod, something she's been eyeing since the day I got it. So, oh well, all's well ends well.

And that's not the end of it apparently... My cousin sister (my uncle's daughter) told me there's more to come tonight...

I feel like a kid again! >w<

Don't mean to brag, but oh well, I won't be bringing them out of the house often anyway... I think. :x

And off I go~


  1. Sounds nice, I used to have a sony ericsson as a hand me down as well. Hey if you're interested you can check out my blog, its all about computer gaming and hardware, check it out! thanks.