Saturday, July 4, 2015

6MU017 "Career Prep" - Site work Day 13

Friday 3/7/2015
Site: Studio 21:05
Supervisor: JD Wong
Working hours: 4pm - 3am (11 hours)

Foreword: Bunkface! guitar and bass tracking


4pm - Reported to work, moved on to run tracking bass for Bunkface!

6:30pm - Finished tracking, short dinner break

9pm - Continued to run tracking session for rhythm guitar and lead guitar

3am - Wrapped up most guitar overdubs and main lines, dismiss for the day


Perhaps one of my most exciting and yet challenging tracking sessions tonight, partially due to the energy the members of Bunkface! have, it can be quite hard to keep up sometimes, especially since I'm still a novice.

Tracked most of the night without much incident, although I realised that more engagement between myself the engineer and the session musicians is crucial in maintaining a calm environment for both parties. A smile and a warm reception always helps with calming the studio anxiety most musicians face, even experienced ones like Bunkface!.

6MU017 "Career Prep" - Site work Day 12

Thursday 2/7/2015
Site: Home
Supervisor: JD Wong
Working hours: 12pm - 10pm (10 hours)

Foreword: Intern site mix work-at-home


12pm - Started mixing for Garden's International School band competition winner's originals

10pm - Finished 1 session, dismissed
My supervisor had some personal matters to attend to today, and thus left me with some mixing assignments to be done at my leisure today.

Finished one mix today, another to be completed during the weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

6MU017 "Career Prep" - Site work Day 11

Wednesday 1/7/2015
Site: Studio 21:05
Supervisor: JD Wong
Working hours: 8pm - 1am (5 hours)

Foreword: Tracking day

8pm - Reported to work, briefed on tracking session for later

9pm - Did mix prep for previous sessions

10pm - Tracking drums, handled the tracking

1am - Dismissed 


Today I had the pleasure of running a session tracking for drums, was properly challenged on my DAW chops again.

Also did some session prep for my supervisor's previous sessions.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

6MU017 "Career Prep" - Site work Day 10

Tuesday 30/6/2015
Site: Studio 21:05
Supervisor: JD Wong
Working hours: 4pm - 2am (10 hours)

Foreword: Recording drums on a long haul

4pm - Reported to work, went on to continue mixes from previous assignment

8pm - Observed demo tracking for corporate contract
9pm - Set-up drums and mics for drum recordings, artist was Bunkface!
11pm - Recording commenced
2am - Dismissed
Today was a pleasure in that I managed to observe local band Bunkface! conduct their drum recording for their new material. I was able to learn a few tips and tricks from observing the band, listening to the kind of feedbacks and effective communication of ideas being thrown between the members from the control room to the recording booth, from engineer to band leader and vice versa. The creative energy this evening was very inspiring, and the drummer was spot on.

I also managed to observe how the band nitpicks on the recordings, being fairly conservative with their punch-ins and retakes, preferring to nail takes in one go. Also learnt how to weed out bad takes by observing what the band mates scrutinise on between take reviews.