Thursday, August 29, 2013

In the shadow of a misconception.

There is this cloud lingering in my thoughts. I always found it a hindrance, this feeling that demands reciprocation when in reality it does nothing but pushes away further the thing of which it so desperately wants.

This shade of red I so greatly yearn, but then truly is it red, or is it a maroon? I have failed to see the latter as such. What right should I have then to judge when in truth I know not her colour?

Indeed, red is a beautiful colour. I see it fit I should understand the colour deeper. But a fool I am; despite already knowing the red is an illusion, and maroon may very well be a reality; that I still choose to paint this portrait of roses.

Joy is knowing maroon. But why do I keep seeing red?

Had you known my desperation I fear you will be alienated by me.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Melodies of one's passing.

I heard this song being played by a pair of seniors last Friday. They were the guest performers for the week, and it's been awhile since the duo had been on stage together. Eugene and Terry, our college's very own Antoine Dufour & Tommy Gauthier. I did not initially know what song they did, but I do know it was a really heart-warming song. I went home to search for it, and lo I found it:

As I've guessed, they did do a Antoine/Tommy number, and also found out that this version is actually a cover. The song was originally written by Don Ross, a Canadian finger-style player. He wrote this song in memory of his Aunt who passed away. Catherine was her name, and the song invokes a really charming and heartfelt impression of her. Sounded lovely when they played it last Friday, and now, the song is stuck in my head.

Tribute to Coldplay.

So yesterday, we paid tribute to the one and only Coldplay. A mini-concert so to speak, organised by an all-student team, it lasted for 1 and a half hours maybe? I had loads of fun, loads of emotional moments through the songs, because some of them remind me of a time I once had. Singing along was fun.

After months of planning and probably a year or so of envisioning the concert, Karen, one of the final year students in college (also a Coldplay nut like me, maybe even a bigger one) successfully organised and produced the show she wanted to do. The concert happened in the college recital hall, and the chairs were cleared away from the hall, it was an all-standing concert (rock concert ma). The band consisted of my fellow college-mates, and the production team were a band of volunteers. Weeks spent into brainstorming the décor and layout came into being last night.

Opening the concert with their new numbers, the show started off at a high point with Hurts like heaven and Charlie Brown. The Christmas lights and bright colours were mesmerising I must say (Probably because I'm part of décor team, I'm biased :P). Glad to say that the crowd were really sporting, singing along, dancing and really getting into the music. The band was tight, and the mix was good. Viva la Vida played, the bells struck, the strings going off. Clocks was good, and the Scientist brought my thoughts back to her a for moment, since the song made sense to my situation now. I really love Yellow, that was the high point of the show for me. Also, I came to like a song I didn't initially like, "In my place" :D. Violet Hill was dedicated to out college management, hahaha, and boy it was a killer rendition. Balloon party started with Lovers in Japan, and the show came to a close with Paradise.

Until the crowd grew restless and asked for an encore, because yes, we left the best for last. The crowd wants it, we'd love to do it. And we did, we wrapped it all up with Fix You. If I hadn't had any video shooting duty, I'd be in tears already, haha. It was a good show yes, although the confetti-clearing part was quite a pain, but fun nevertheless. Now all that's left is for Coldplay to actually come Malaysia and have a concert, I will be sure to be there.

The tribute band. Photo credits to my college-mate Louisa, taken from facebook