Sunday, September 18, 2011

Take a break.

Last 2 days was just too sweet. Life on the slow lane like I love it.

Back to Sitiawan without much notice was fun when it lasted. Surprising her is kind of an achievement, holding in my excitement like that for over a week.

Seeing things happening through the streets and everyday lives back here, it is quite lovely indeed to spend a weekend to refresh. I once lived that life, slow and easy, nothing to fight for, not much to rush for.

I always somehow glorify Sitiawan to a point where it sounds haven-like.

Spending time with someone you yearn for is always desirable. Maybe even kinda forbidden. I may be really lucky, or maybe really cursed.

I miss my time there. I'll skip the details. I'm lazy to express myself these days.

But I guess if a description for the trip is needed, then this is it:

I want more.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

1 year ago.

Yesh, I've been all touchy and put to memory whirlwind by the recent post Jia Xun and Tiffany posted recently.

Just wanna recall some things we had done back in Bangkok, Thailand during the band competitions. 3rd September, drum battle where we got trashed like nobodies business, haha.

Remember the hot days, the new places, new faces, unfamiliar culture, the good, the bad. We met marchers like us, musicians, kids, teens, adults, ex-DCI members, pros, noobs. We had good food, bad food, spicy food, TOM YUM of course :P, cheap food, expensive food.

And of all, we won 2nd place as a team, the sweat, the tears.

Yeah indeed, I only got that one chance to live it. I would love to visit it again in my dreams.

Time flies, more performances and memories await, soon, this will become but a small chapter in my book.