Sunday, September 18, 2011

Take a break.

Last 2 days was just too sweet. Life on the slow lane like I love it.

Back to Sitiawan without much notice was fun when it lasted. Surprising her is kind of an achievement, holding in my excitement like that for over a week.

Seeing things happening through the streets and everyday lives back here, it is quite lovely indeed to spend a weekend to refresh. I once lived that life, slow and easy, nothing to fight for, not much to rush for.

I always somehow glorify Sitiawan to a point where it sounds haven-like.

Spending time with someone you yearn for is always desirable. Maybe even kinda forbidden. I may be really lucky, or maybe really cursed.

I miss my time there. I'll skip the details. I'm lazy to express myself these days.

But I guess if a description for the trip is needed, then this is it:

I want more.

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