Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunny 2011, solemn 2012.

I definitely took a long break from blogging. I guess that's what happens when your output is no more to the web but to a person. Yes, I thank my significant other to bear the thoughts I have, although they are not as many as hers, haha. But in a way, I like the old blogging feeling that just is unique compared to the one on one talks.

How are things you may ask. 2011 was sunny enough, the clouds came but the sun withstood. And the days were merry, having college as my main focus definitely feels different. But with the schedule I had last year, it left me quite an a amount of idleness. But the coming of next year with a schedule that's filled the whole of my weekdays, it'll be different then on. Late nights will be lesser. Indeed, it's solemn if you think it from the study aspect. Nothing gets easier until you're pass retirement I guess.

My relationship with Rachel. Well, turbulent is all I can say. I'm starting to lose focus of her, my mind's occupied by different things already. Priorities are priorities in the end, and she will undoubtedly think that I'm losing sight of her. Maybe I am, because it's starting to feel wrong that I put too much attention to her during this time of study. No I don't intend to break up, but I guess we both have to tolerate. Men are often ambitious, nay, overly-ambitious. I guess work motivates me.

Spirituality. Always had been one of my inner most conflicted battles... The fact that I skipped church today... Doesn't rest well with me... It's easy to say that I'm regretting, but the nudge is there. Why did I skip? laziness. Not a very good reason right? Setting priorities right. To value my soul more than my flesh. Yet the flesh is dominant. Power struggles abound, I can only pray each day for guidance from the Almighty.

Suffice to say, I see the coming year as solemn. I will face it no doubt, I will find my way through, fight the battles that need fighting, find my inner peace, which seems to be taking forever... Insignificant things in life, yet they are the most ambitious goals... Significant things in life, yet many has lost sight to know. Here I am, looking for the latter.

All the best wishes to the readers, may 2012 bring about fruitfulness in your life. I will go now.

P.S. I don't believe it's the end of the world.


  1. God is real and it's only what you do about Him that matters in the end. What about researching Creation science? You'll be surprised at the evidence for God that there is in the natural world. god bless.