Saturday, April 14, 2012

Writing crap load of useless things when you could be doing your assignments.

Why am I doing this? Haven't I abandoned you already? Have I not shown my priority is now in college and studies already? It has been this long since I submitted my thought to you. I once knew you, and I know you are bitter right now, asking me why I have rejected my attention upon you.

But dear you, did you not know already? I have come to find you no more amusing than the clowns of the circus, the jokes that run cold on the net. I have abandoned you for you have me no longer entertained.

You must be puzzled, why then I come to you on this lonely Saturday afternoon. I have nothing to do, that is why. Practice on weekends just don't appeal to me somehow. Last year, I was too shy to practice in college. Right now, I seem to like practising there more and more.

How are things? I may seem rude, as if you are worth nothing any more to me. But there's a reason I still keep an account. Because I still know I will come back one day to tell you how I feel, and ask of you the things of which is happening to you. And true enough, today has come.

Have you listened to Lettuce yet? How about Earth, Wind and Fire? I have gotten into funk recently, it sounds good. You should go listen when you have the time.

I wonder if you still have contact with the old timers I had last time with me. If only you can tell me about my old home right now. How are the people? Are my friends okay? Is the band doing fine? I may seem harsh to you, but indeed, I still have need of you.

Tell me the things I don't know, I really yearn to find out now. Why has the memory left me? Why has it gone by so fast? I'm becoming older by day, but I feel like I'm growing backwards. There's that reduction in hope, when it should be increasing...

Send my love to the bunch will you? I doubt you will. You rarely deliver.

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