Friday, May 6, 2011


Observational qualities, the gift of analysing a situation given to oneself before taking the leap, the ability to determine the conditions of a being by their movements and habits without needing much time to know them, the habit of taking into account the changes around oneself. Through the whole day today, somehow that's the message I've been receiving by providence.

To come this point I do realise I lack the quality of observation. Skin-deep understanding, I must admit, ruled me these few years. I tend to look at the things present only above surfaces of a present condition.

But alas I think with an opposing view now. Indeed the need for analysing is graver than I expected, moving into reality.

What can I achieve now? What can I do? Learn from mistakes.

And to conclude that indeed, I should start taking into account, the things that happen around me.

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