Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reflections on 2009

School life:
Life in science-stream is tough. But is a heck load of FUN :P... So thus I must say, that time has once again slipped pass me like sands in my hands, slowly falling each second. There I was, form 4 freshman learning everything too fast... Now, my head is over-loaded with quadratic formulas, mathematical logic, physical principles, biological facts, ionic properties and much more...

And now? here I am, nearly reaching the climax of my form 4 life... Did I take this year seriously? Did I treat it as a "honeymoon" year?... I better not regret next year...

SPM is next year. And am I prepared for year-end test? All this doubts surround me now...

Family life:
So much happened this year. I had so many family reunion dinners... Met back a good number of old friends, and meeting a lot of distant relatives...

So, much like normal for me, having so many family events... Who doesn't?

Band life:
I definitely have A LOT to write about in this category... But I believe it would be mostly repetitions.

Reflecting much of this year, I can start off by saying that I had learned much from every event I participated, namely our 2009 concert "Pageantry in Wind 2009", as I have to admit that playing the keyboard and tuned percussion instruments were very exciting for me, and having done that, I have a greater yearning to learn more.

And for the marching part of our routine, I can say that playing the 22" Bass Drum and being a part of the 5-man multi-tonal bass drum team was pure pleasure with no regrets. I was honoured to be part of this group. And although we fail to bring back the title of Champion from our State Competition, we anyhow manage to gain recognition from many of our seniors for being calm, cool, reserved and stable.

For now, my competitive spirit has slowed down. Back to basics, that is it... Now I am switching concentration on a number of things to accomplish:
1) Strengthen my basic drumming skills by regular rudiment exercises;
2) Train juniors in groups and in singles;
3) Prepare for the coming percussion auditions, in hope to audition for tenor-drums.
4) Do my best to help the band prepare for upcoming events.
5) Switching from marching mode to concert mode (Ms Timpani, here I come XD)

Lastly, I would like to mention that I will be going down to Johor this weekend to watch the Malaysian Secondary School Marching Band Competition live. I support all bands from around the country, but I would like to personally say to all Sam Tet Brass Band members who read my blog: Enjoy the competition, do your best, and if you do, no one can complain. I wish you all the best of luck, and that you can meet your targets. Cheers, happy competition.
"Music is for friendship" - Junt.


  1. Hello, i'm still reading your blog. Quite enjoy to read your post, keep it on. Too bad, i'm also the one who shout here & there, already graduated few years ago, feel free to visit my blog too.

  2. How abt friendship life huh? U knew a special friend wor.. hehe^^

  3. Zhen Yang: Thanks, nice to hear from you too. Better to support and cheer than to hate and dislike, music is for friendship afterall. Cheers~
    Stephanie: Lol, I forgot about friends XD. How could I? haha. I'll write update later.