Thursday, August 27, 2009

That white shirt and red tie 2

"Who is that guy who sent me this present?", "Could it be my elder brother pulling my leg again?" All this thoughts circled around her head all day. Poor Tiffany was tormented by her own assumptions... "Could it actually be Brandon?? Oh dear... I don't want to be labelled Mrs Nerd... Oh silly me, I always think too much... No one said that guy wanted to date me... He was just being kind by sending me that gi..."

"Tiffany! Day-dreaming in my class?"

"No, Madam Lee, I was fi-figuring the question you just gave..."

Madam Lee is the head discipline teacher of the whole school. And boy, is she famous. No trouble maker has ever gotten pass her judgement. Even the gang triad members who were taught by her bow their head in respect whenever they meet up with her.

"IF that is what you claim, do share your thoughts with the class. I'll rephrase my question: Please name an example of a macro molecule"

"Hmmm... Silicon?" Tiffany said rather softly...

"Close, but still incorrect. It's suppose to be silicon dioxide, which is different from silicon. Another one would be diamonds, which are easier to remember. Next time, please pay full attention in my class Tiffany, or you'll lose out." Said Madam Lee.

"Yes Madam."


And so, before one could know the time, the last bell struck. Most of the boys already had their bags packed. Hasty as they were, Madam Lee would never dismiss the class without a proper biding of farewell from the class.

And when it was over, the corridor of the lab was filled with footsteps. But none so striking as that "nick knack" sound coming from the black leather shoe. And so, Tiffany was already reaching the gates when...

"Tiffany! Tiff, wait up" shouted Jo Ling.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" added Lily.

"Forgetting something? What could I be forgetting?" replied Tiffany "Is it my books? did I left it in the lab?"

"No silly. Weren't you dying to know who that mystery man was?" Jo said.

"Oh ya! How could I? Please, please, tell me. I totally forgotten about it after Madam Lee gave me a trashing" said Tiffany, as her tone went higher with excitement

"Don't worry, his outside the gate, he always is when school's over, don't be too surprised though" Lily said with a wink.

"Why should I be surprised?" Tiffany said as she threw a puzzled look at her peers.

"Well, you'll see" Lily said, while Jo was giggling away.

And so, as they approached the school gate, Tiffany's heart pounded. Each second passed and she felt like she could get a heart attack any moment.

"Oh oh oh, oooh! It's Shawn???" She thought. And boy, did she went through all the unnecessary worries. Shawn, may very well be Tiffany's counterpart. Being the top achiever in sports, Shawn brought back 2 champion title in the state football competition during his reign as team captain. Not to mention he broke the school's record for the long jump category.

"Yes it's Shawn. Boy, did he went through all the trouble trying to find out your birthday, "smart guy" he is trying to get that information from us 2, hehe" Lily whispered to Tiffany as they were nearing.

And those leather shoes are ever so helpful, for those clacking noises announced the arrival of Tiffany to Shawn.

Shawn turned around, and Tiffany paused. Both made eye contact for several seconds. And finally the silence was broken by Shawn...

"Er.. Hi, never thought I'd see you here, I believe they told you already?" said he with a rather weak grin in his face. One can actually see his hands shivering a bit.

"Ya, they did. By the way, nice to meet you, and thanks for the present." said a much more calmer Tiffany. She never failed to keep her calm, and was always good with her speech. She could whip up a sentence in a matter of seconds with as little effort as lifting a feather.

"You're welcome, I hope you like it. By the way, I was actually hoping to meet up sometime. How about it?

"Well, ok, I'll consider" replied Tiffany.


"Wow, my mums here, didn't see her... So I gotta go, my contact is inside the box. Chat some other time ya? Bye!" he said hastily as he got up the car.

"Ok, will do, bye." she said.

And this was followed by another moment of silence...

"So? What do you think Tiff? Worth your restless morning?" giggled Jo

"Now don't go thinking too far, we just met for a mere minute." shot Tiffany.

"But you can tell that he has some interest in you. Open the box, let's see what's inside." Jo replied.

"I believe that would only be for Tiff to decide when and where to open, Jo" said Lily.

"Well, I can't help but to feel a bit intrigued by this, I only remember meeting Shawn once during a class party. He was invited by one of our class boys."

"I remember that. He actually asked you for a dance." Lily said.

"Did he? I can't remember that. After all, it was so dark. Being in the playground at night, barbecue and stuff. We only had a radio to provide music... How is it possible we danced?" Tiffany asked back.

"Oh, but he did, and you accept. You probably mistaken him for Derrick, they both look quite alike. We actually saw you 2 do a silly jig on that "Dance Floor". You know Derrick and you always do the craziest of things, being childhood friends. But me and Jo are very sure that wasn't Derrick. It was definitely Shawn." Replied Lily.

"Huh? Now I remember... It wasn't Derrick?? How embarrassing. Doing that dance in front of the class. No wonder they were all hysterical with laughter when we danced..." Said Tiffany

"Oh well, your mum's here. Chat later ok? See ya!" said Lily

"Bye!" said Jo.

"Bye bye" said Tiffany as she went up her car.

After settling into her seat, she quickly unwrapped the present. Inside it was a box, and on top of the box, there was a message.

"Hi, please add me at Hope to hear from you soon"

And what was inside the box made her shocked.

To be continued.

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  1. Is tat the e-mail real?><

  2. How I know... I made it up, so most unlikely.. XD..

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    not bad...
    quite interesting actually..