Thursday, August 27, 2009

Define life.

This is tough. The toughest question one may ask himself. Ask what is the purpose of life. If spoken on a none-religious context, I practically have yet to find out the answer for myself. No, living a normal happy family life is not the answer. It's not actions that are answers.

Study, play, earn a living, start a family... Enjoy life... What is the meaning of it? Why are we bounded by this? Why is "normal" ever normal? Our life could be very much different you know? Think from a different dimension. If we don't depend on food, water and consumptions to survive, what would life be like? Living plants? Walking while producing their own food?

So why our life is made so like that we are today? What is the purpose of our existence? What do the atheist think about life after death? I tend to wonder... If life is but a short period of eternity, what is the feeling of not existing... Why do we live out our life this way? I wonder...

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