Sunday, February 28, 2010

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

Of the herb, I have yet to taste it. But I can tell it is definitely a fragrant herb.

As for he pronounciation, I say Thyme may well be a time in physical existance?

Yes, maybe. But time once again whithers and re-grows without stop. Where does this lead to? Ask me not.

March is tomorrow. This will my last post of February, and what a perfect number of the post to end, 10.

Love last foever, so need I not be worried about that.

With that said, I will move forward with a few points that are random statements with significat relations.

  • Be not unregrettable over troubles caused, be you responsible.
  • Yet not to love the world, but to love The Lord.
  • In lasting existance is your soul, in splinter flame is your body.
  • And so ye have made unrest, so ye will be in unrest.
  • So be it the destiny that lie ahead, loving is thy heart, corrupt is thy body.
  • And so move on shall we be freed from this limbo.
  • Physics is fun nevertheless.
  • I shall await the Gate of Pearls and Gold.
  • So move on the month of March.
There shall be peace to come.

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