Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It takes 2 hands to clap.

In the past, I tried to look from your point of view, and yes, you had your point, you had reasons to stand up for. You showed me everyone was imperfect. Still, your flaws are apparent, their presence loud and striking. I foresaw that, I believe you would change.

But just now was the last straw! You were absolutely unreceptive toward us, you only cared that you stayed the one that is right. But let me tell you the same thing that came out from your very mouth that in the past already done so much damage between us. It takes two hand to clap. Do you know what does this mean? It means both parties are wrong. But what was your argument? "That one you aren't correct, this you made the wrong decision, this that this that you wrong, YOU WRONG!"... What is this crap? 2 hand brother, you're the other half. Now here's the catch. The other hand is your superior. So what if he's wrong, you still gotta listen.

But NO. You failed to listen, and on top of that, you refuse to accept your mistake, YOUR MISTAKE. GO and stare at the mirror right now.

Yes, you have every right to be unhappy with him, every right that Barrack Obama can give you right now. BUT you have absolutely no right to express it, no right to show your anger, show your stance, nor show your colours to him. He may be an ass, a pain in your neck, but he is still your Superior. That is society man! If you can't take the beating, you're out, that's for sure. THAT'S IS FOR SURE, just in case you can't read.

P.S. I've never felt this pissed off before, had to let it out. But I still strongly believe that foul words are the last resort.

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