Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recollection of our preparation.

I've been looking through my archive and look what I found:

Old friendster blog of mine "Arm Cramps, Muscle pulls, and Feeling the Groove" written on 30 Dec 2008 on Junt's 1st visit in preparation for 2009.
“You gotta feel the beat man, wooh!” *quoted-Junt.

3 days of practice and a whole lot of groove, that's what we’ve been doing, it ain’t easy holding two sticks.

With the change of my “career” from cymbal to multi-tone, it won’t be an easy one ahead…. But I do hope I can do the best of my abilities.

Having said that, I also strongly hope that the cymbal section will do their best after my departure.

Last of all, 2009 a bright future for NHMB, CG and all, hope that we will do our best!.

“You need groove man, not like robot” *quoted-Junt

Look at my optimism, OUR optimism... We were so prepared then.

So we must be prepared now. The time for depression is over, it's the time to regain your confidence this 2 days, you'll need it.


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