Thursday, July 16, 2009

If you are a band member, read this.

Note: Latest update! If the information I got isn't wrong, Nan Hwa will be the first team to take the field for competition! If we can do it without mistakes, it will give us the edge. But 1st team is always the riskiest, so be careful!

First thing's first, I need to strain: Have a Target!

Without a target, you won't know if you're improving!... If you practice blindly, as in without a target, you won't progress...

What should your target be?
Well for starters:
1) Ask yourself everyday: Did I march that drill without a single mistake.
2) What ever mistake you DID make, correct it!
3) Make sure your steps are correct, as well as technique.
4) Play your music, and don't falter. Don't be shaky. If you know you're shaky in certain parts either 1 - Practice that part by yourself until you can do it, or 2 - DON'T PLAY!...

Your attitude is what drives the band! Remember, as a Nan Hwa Band Member:
1) Be humble, always remain neutral when someone criticises you or the band, and what ever he criticized, work on improving it, add it to your target. Your image is a direct reflection of you and the band once you start talking about band.
2) We don't like bands who always lansi us or qun us, so don't let NHMB be one of this kind of band! Stay low, keep a low profile and let the AUDIENCE judge our shows entertainment value.
3) Be optimistic! It's about our journey through a life as a band member. The competition is just something we can look forward to and have targets.
4) If you are a band member, be RESPONSIBLE as a band member. Come for practices regularly! The band owes us members nothing, so don't expect anything from practices. The best reward for this is your own character building. If you can improve yourself, why not? There is no question that your life will change, no matter how little, if you've been through societies and clubs. Same goes for band, and since you have selected this path, might as well go all out for the band.

Remember this few things, that
1) If you do your best every time during practices, you have nothing to worry about in competition;
2) The band is you, the band is him, the band is her, the band is them, the band is us, the band is one. You are the band, and yet you are nothing without the band. Be a TEAM;
3) If you keep on questioning yourself or other members about this year's show capability, I'll tell you this: It is VERY capable. All you have to do is to not make mistakes, that is all, no need to do extremely well. Just don't make mistakes, then it will definitely rock the Malaysian Marching Band Scene.

This is the chance baby! Do your best now and on and on! Happy Practices!


  1. well spoken.
    too bad i won't be watching this year, but still will be supporting from KL...

  2. We will need all the support we can get :)