Monday, July 13, 2009

4SA Teachers Finale: Dedicated to Mr. Chow Chin Mun.

Mr. Chow Chin Mun, Ex-general maths teacher of 4SA, and also, ex-best teacher of 4SA, who sadly was diagnosed with cancer early this year. This finale of the 4SA teachers series is dedicated to him, may he recover soon.

Now I will quote his legendary dialogue in one lesson, to remember the happier times.

Mr. Chow: Yes, good morning class, today we begin our lesson on "Sets".

Student 1: Yes, "Sex".

Mr. Chow: No, not sex, sets.

Student 2: Sex la...

Mr. Chow: Not Sex, Sets! S-E-T-S

Student 1: (acting innocent) OOhhhh, Sets.

Mr. Chow: Ok, now I was saying, what is sets?

Student 3 (back from ponteng-ing): Sex is sex la...

Mr Chow:.... This class very dirty minded...


  1. haha..
    ur "4SA teacher" blog very nice..
    * mr SIAH taught me physic b4 also , hahah..
    last time he always say my class like to "da bao (take away) " ...

  2. Thanks, but mind telling what you mean by "da bao"

  3. May your teacher Mr Chow get well soon...

    nice posts!

  4. Ya, thanks, I also hope he will come back to teach soon.