Sunday, July 5, 2009

4SA Teachers part 1: Mr. Rajesh and reverse psychology.

Mr Rajesh, English teacher of all but 1 Science Stream classes. What is his reputation? Reverse Psychology.

Quoted from him: Class, as we all know, like what you read just now on your workbook, if you want to save water, don't shower for a week.

Quoted from him 2: You see, who agrees with NS?... The government, they put it on TV commercials, you see the got 3 friends of different race there hugging, going leave NS and all, so happy... Rubbish! they send 3 months to NS and they think they can promote unity among races?

Quoted from him 3: You know those people who keep smiling at you, this are the people who you should be afraid of. Like me!...

Quoted from him 4: When you see money on the table, what do you do? Yes, you take it and put it in your pocket...


  1. Ya... agree this quote... damn funny...

  2. Ya, this just part 1... Still got other teachers.

  3. how come i didn't get him during my f4?????