Friday, July 3, 2009

Perak State Preliminary: Personal Post Mortem

Ok, this morning? How we did?

1) The biggest flaw in the show today was our unstable tempo. For 1st song, we were too fast. 2nd song was slightly fast. 3rd song was correct tempo, but still need more practice. 4th also too fast, Percussion have a hard time playing.

Who to blame? - Percussion. Being the heartbeat of the band, the section with the greatest responsibility to unite the tempo of the band. Basses was rushing a bit, added by the snare section's anxiety, plus cymbals somewhat confusing crashes, all added up to be a recipe for over-speeding tempo.

2) Formation on the overall was unimpressive. We didn't let the audience experience that "Oh me gosh, they manage to do that??" feeling. In other words, straight lines are far from straight, circles look more like flattened balloons, and much more. Still, it was passable.

Who to blame? - Everybody except the conductor and drum major.

3) Music itself, the start was able to blow the audience of their seat, very clean, very well done... But unfortunately, that's the one and only part we did a good job. Dynamics is our greatest draw-back, while balancing can still be improved. For brass, I personally think that the lower-brass tend to "over-blow". For woodwinds, the sound isn't a pleasure to listen to. For Percussion, need to improve on playing and being united as one whole, and to clean up their sound...

Who to blame? - The weaker players, who need to practice more. For the better players, try to achieve best.

4) Last thing to say is, stay calm, be confident, but also be humble. Always remember, nobody is a winner forever, so be prepared for the worst. Most importantly, enjoy the experience, it's about the journey, not the destination.

So that is about it, there's still time for improvement, so might as well to your best EVERY TIME! Then there's nothing to worry about during competition.

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