Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Countdown to Perak State Competition

First half of the exam is over, but practices are still slow.

Overall the top reason is that most members are still in swing to the exam mood. I fear that our final 3 days practice before the competition can help us regain that mood to groove.

Now that we are the only state left that has yet to compete, we can see the other states and their overall progress. Here is the list of my personal analyst, of course with the help of other people, I compiled a general idea of what we are up against.

Terrenganu - Chung Hwa Wei Sin, 2008 MSSMBC Champion
They are re-using 2 songs from last year's show, Distorted and Tanah Pusaka. Formation is similar too. Overall, they have the potential. Their strong points are, as always, dynamics and impact. But not this year, they still have about 60% of the impact they had last year, not 100%. But they have fighting chance in their CG. But fret not, their CG is still far from being impressive.

Kedah - Sultanah Asma, 2008 KLWMBC 1st runner up.
Probably one of our hardest competitors, being able to achieve 1st runner up in an International open. But this year, fret not, It is not impossible, cause when you are at the top, the only place left to go is down. And this year, they have clean formations and song, but they lack aggression, which is what we are having this year.

Johor - Tun Fatimah
They are using our 2004 competition song "Minimally Speaking" for their opener. Overall, I can see they put a lot of effort playing this song, which isn't one bit easy. So they sacrificed their formation for a lot of "stop-and-go" static on the hard part. And balancing is still in need of fixing.

Sarawak - St. Joseph
I don't want to sound rude, so all I have to say is that they are lacking impact in their show. It is a flat, normal, nothing impressive kind of show. But credit is to their CG, which effort was well visible.

KL - St. John
Their Colour Guards are one of the most entertaining group I've ever seen to date in Malaysia, only rivaled by VICCB and St. Joseph. But unfortunately, the band itself needs a brush up.

Pahang - Methodist Girls Secondary School, 2008 MSSMBC 1st runner up.
No video unfortunately, so don't really have any idea how they are doing, but all I know, they got a high 90+% according to the state competition score.

Penang - Jit Sin
Good balancing, but a bit shaky, a bit similar to our condition last year. Not so stable, percussion just moderately clean, overall show is the "play-safe" kind.

Gambateh, do your best.

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