Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4SA Teachers part 4: Mr. LC Pang and health.

Mr. LC Pang, our health-aware but still rather unhealthy Biology teacher, who never stops to give us a good advice on health, but unfortunately fails to do what he says.

Quoted from him: ... Saturated fat cannot form any chemical bonds with other atoms, 所以你们不要吃太多炸的东西, 因为里面有很多 saturated fat. 相 KFC 炸鸡.
Student: 呢老师有吃吗?
Mr. LC Pang: 我有, 而且很喜欢吃, 时常吃...

Quoted from him 2: Mitochondria 在那一个 cell 里面最多? Yes, sperm cells.
Class: (突然精神起来)

Quoted from him 3: 明天带两粒 Guava 来做 experiment.
Class: 怎么要两粒?
Mr. LC Pang: 你们用一粒做 experiment, 一粒我要吃的.
Class: walao...

Quoted from him 4: 吃太多化学品会生 cancer. 我多十年后没生 cancer, 算我幸运.


  1. haha...I miss his class a lot!! know what I'm talking about