Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4SA Teachers part 3: Ngoh KL and WAJA

Mr. Ngoh KL, our "delightful" Additional-Maths teacher and also our class teacher, famous for his catchphrase in quote 1. Note that this will also be my 1st semi-Chinese blog...

Quoted from him: 快点那出你们 WAJA 来做, 快点!...

Quoted from him 2: ... 所以呢, X 要给刚才做的 Y substitute 进去, wah, 变了, 就可以了...
(Class): Huh??O_O...

Quoted from him 3: ...今天谁没有来??

Quoted from him 4: 高机数 学不相 general maths那样, 是很高机的.
(Class): What the...?? O_O....


  1. 不 像, not 不 相
    高 级 数 学, not 高 机~

    haha he reli...sigh..speechless

  2. 哇,你的华文烂过我的英文