Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life's a drama part 2

Sweet... Just after the band competitions are over, here comes drama...

What man?... It's fast... Old Mr. Tang (of all surnames) I am...

So update a few things:
High possibility that NHMB participation KLWMBC 2009, but lower chances for drum battle...
2 buses are going to Johor... Sam Tet, see, we support you all.
RM70 !@#$%^&* for a trip to Johor!!!
I'm going anyway.
I'm most likely going to stay in multi tone, but change to 24" bass...


  1. diu..RM70?!?!?!..i dunwan go better..

  2. thanks a lots for the support ^^ appreciate it.
    You have a nice blog here, enjoy to read your post.

    Ex member of stbb