Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Report on KL - as observed as a Sitiawaner.

Report - June 4th - 9th 2009.

4th June, 9:30am. Landed on KL grounds, no sight of any strange beings, but manage to observe a great number of sentient organism similar to me. Took refuge in a kind indigenous lady's habitat.

5th june, 10:00am. I was taken to the indigenous lady's old habitat in a place known to the locals as "Segamat". She claims that she will bring me to witness a Celebration to celebrate the unity of 50 years between 2 people, known as couples by the locals. This particular event involved the indigenous lady's parents. 8:30pm, I was taken to a den called a "restaurant". There, the people inhabiting this "restaurant" brought out all sorts of strange looking dead plants and animals on flat round disk-like objects, which would later be consumed. They also brought out funny coloured liquid. The locals drink black, white, orange, brown and yellow liquid variations, some even mixed between the different liquids.

6th June, 11:30am. I was asked to attend this "Family Photo Section" as the locals call it. I was asked to stare and smile at a small cuboid gadget while it flashes and makes a strange "ke-cha" sound. For what reasons, I do not know, for I have yet to find out what this gadget will yield. However, I manage to find out the name of this gadget, called "camera" by the locals. 12:30pm, the whole battalion of the inhabitants of the habitat I was stationed in went to yet another "restaurant", this one bigger than the previous, but in the end, it's the same scenario as the previous.

7th June, 9:00am, returning to original area of observation, KL. Rested most of the day due to exhaustion from the extensive travelling, except when the indigenous lady brought me to a place known as "Sunway Pyramid" to "buy some stuff" as she said it.

8th June, 10:30am. Indigenous race introduced me to a form of entertainment. This device, known as the "Nintendo GameCube" creates images on another device "TV" and the images can be controlled via a Controller similar to the "Joy-stick" that I studied earlier.

9th June. 5:45am. Ready to leave KL. Packed and ready the day before. 9:30am, back home safe in Sitiawan.


  1. no offense... but u write lyk ur some kind of alien.. creepy...

  2. Too long never go back KL, so I was alienated XD..

  3. ... all there? Is there anything missing? ><

  4. all wrote there edi?