Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marching Season 2009.

It all started in December last year, we were so anxious, so exited, another beginning of a new marching season.

Now, coming back to the present... WHAT THE &%@*??? We've already come so far? That's so fast...

Discussed a few things with many of my ex-seniors lately, and also some friends, for that matter, most of the time with Jia Xun, about this years progress, to which still disappointment is apparent, no matter how small a feeling is it. Why? Because of a certain number of member's attitude. Last year, we were restricted to 4 months of practices, and what did we archive? We marched Ride, RIDE!!! non stop time signature changing, key signature tornadoes and 50 pages of fancy footwork. What about this year? We get a bunch members who keep complaining non-stop? Not that bad la, but nevertheless, still quite shameful, having a much easier selection of repertoires, and yet? what did we get? Comments about our pre-show was mostly mixed, The goods are equal with the bads, so there is nothing to brag about it yet.

But still, credit should be given to the hardworking, the loyal, the persistent, the faithful, and the ever-supportive band members, for without them, there is no band.This year is not much a difference compared to last year, there are still a large number of younger members compared to the older ones, but who are equally as capable, good job.

The colour guard is still very unstable, and although I have no experience in rifle tossing and flag trowing, I can say this: 75% of the CG members are either not sporting, or do their "job" just because they are asked to... But come on, you're the colour guards man, you're the colour of the band, the picture of our show, if you can't express it, can't feel it, then it's time you find another section to your taste. Love CG activity? Then prove it, express yourself man, just show it, dance like no one is watching, be more confident.

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