Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is this the band it used to be?

The band, an image of discipline, of patience and co-operation, teamwork and kin-ship. Is it still like that?

We had our glory days, always ready, there to be with the band, and be the band, never skip practices without reasons, always passionate, optimistic, and willing to learn. And all this bore fruit, not futility, the experience, the memories, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Now? Sigh... Futility...

Now the wake up call to you guys who still aren't putting effort (although I know none who reads my blog... But anyway):

Like Genji said, majority of the other states are done, and although a good number of strong bands aren't competing, namely Victoria Institution, AMC, Catholic High School, we are still far from our goal. And don't under-estimate the other bands, St. John is putting up a good fight with CG, while Jit Sin improved a lot (but still a bit boring selection of songs), Tun Fatimah is using our 2004 song, Minimally Speaking...

But still, advantages are abundant, so exploit it!!! Come on, do your best man...


  1. I got read ur blog leh.. eiyer..