Saturday, June 20, 2009

NHMB Pre-show 20-6-2009

20-6-2009, This it, our pre-show, just over.

And the rest will come faster than you can anticipate, which is what happens every year, right after pre-show, every thing else just flies past. NHMB, we are reaching the tipping-point of Marching Season 2009, There is no chance to rest, no chance to take a brake, either charge with every ounce of your energy, or topple and be dragged by the torrents, this isn't going to practices anymore. From today onwards, every day are rehearsals, so do your best each time. Energy ~ Spirit ~ TEAMWORK!

On the pre- show:
A moderately large crowd came and watch, most of them were ex-members and senior, some of them parents. Some band-members asked their friends and fellow classmates to attend, if I'm not mistaken, there are also students from other schools who came to witness. After some inquiries, the general comments of the ex-members are more or less the same: Still unstable, need improvement, at this rate, still not very prepared for competition. But on the overall, still a pretty good impression.

Date for district competition is still pending confirmation, State-level finals would be held on 3-7-2009 if I'm not mistaken. As for Nationals, no information yet, but don't be over-confident, there is always that chance we may not make it, so remember, you want make it? Then do your best, time to take things seriously. Other miscellaneous information is that AMC Band, who participated in the Wind Competition this year, archived consolation prize.

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