Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mood swings.

Foreword: As I said (to Jia Xun), I will, and is a guarantee, sooner or later write my first Chinese language Blog. But for now, not the right time.

Back to Subject:

Phenomenon, is it? Happens to any individual, human or animal, one experience that I do not enjoy.

What can make mood-swings? Many reasons. I for one, am greatly affected by, what else? Music. It is within your soul, connected, yet also a different body, a sense.

What songs? you may ask, that I'm listening to. I listen to many. But the 10 that induce great yet stirring feelings to lift my spirit are:

1) If You Leave Me Now - Chicago
Who will fill this gap? Is it too late?

2) How Deep is your Love - Bee Gees
In the mood for love? I don't think so... Just find this song soothing.

3) You'll Be in my Heart - Phill Collins
Classic, a feel good song.

4) Another Day in Paradise - Phill Collins
Reminds me to be kind, and yet, leaves me shaken with realities of the world.

5) Alone - Bee Gees
Man needs his solitude. and what better song to go with it?

6) Hard to Say I'm Sorry - Chicago
To late for regrets, too late for apologies. Think before you leap.

7) Only Time - Enya
Who can say where the road goes? Where the day flows? Only Time, only time.

8) All my Love - Cliff Richard
All that I can give, has been given.No regrets, no turning back.

9) He Lives in You - Lebo M
Remember, he lives in you, guides you, and always helps you through your hardest times.

10) I Have a Dream - ABBA (this is the original artist, not Westlife...)
I can always hope, always dream, always try, no matter what.

I recommend this few songs to you, especially "Only Time" and "I Have a Dream" if you're feeling down, it really lifts your mood.

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