Thursday, June 18, 2009

All but Infatuation?

Notorious, shameful, unwanted, yet, unavoidable, is this? What of such emotions, exist in such merciless world, should become, as man have known, 'Infatuation'?, as described vividly, by many: a state of being completely carried away by unreasoned passion or love addictive love. Usually, one is inspired with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.

Yet, I am, and always will be, of human, and experiencing teenage hood. But to be as thus, in this state, well informed of this plague, knowing it's existence, but till the end, equally defenceless, as I fall with ignorance, into such traps?

Willingly I can lose my awareness of reality, allowing pure insanity to engulf me, swallow me whole? But I will not care, for where men's fate lies, lies in providence. Nevertheless, I can never but shun in the shame of rejection? Is it not? Am I suppose to not think in such a way? But instincts, is so weak in humans, yet still ever striking when sought. So will it be of the past, time that heals? Will it just be misunderstanding, things we should have laugh? I do hope so, and so it goes on.

But no! I don't want to accept such futile solutions, I want to see the light in my doings, not wanting to submit to such awful consequences, for I believe it is genuine, for in me, I can feel, warm. I want to embrace what can be a chance of happiness, for still, passion lies within me! I will step forth, fight for truth, fight for time, fight for what I believe? And still, there is always emotions to rely. I want embrace this cliff of possibilities, explore the world with a leap, but to fly, or fall, I may never know, until I jump. Jump with hopes, as fragile as thin glasses, yet, so full of expectations. And fall, fall, fall that I went, crying to no one's ears.

For where mistakes are made, where men will never be perfect, thus, must apologies be said, for if sorry is what that is needed to be said, sorry I will say.


  1. Walao... sot jor? so hard to understand u know? Google Translate also can't helm me...

  2. Time you should start using a dictionary... But I rather you not understand it...