Friday, June 26, 2009

Alone again, naturally.

Take it, I can't, any longer. Lonely? Sad? Dwelling within this void again?

This void of 3 years since, cold and unfulfilled, yet knowingly I don't deserve it.

Band, band and band, a part of my life it has become, yet, can never replace this, fill this Void! As said, where one falls, one must get up in the same place, not a different place. Same here, I fallen into this void, yet, save myself I can't by getting up on another side.

Lonely? Sad? Yes and no. Just this never ending vacuum within me, sucking my emotions, as I wait for a invisible cure, not knowing what to do.

And lonely is this, as written, mood less? not even a drive within me? I loathe this feeling... Please leave me... And yet, don't leave me?... Confused again...

Such matters, so insignificant, but still so pain a pinch it is.

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