Monday, July 11, 2011

Routine typical 2011.

Into the period of the regular grinding and all. So, updates have been coming from me (and for that matter, everyone else) REALLY slowly...

After finishing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, I suddenly have nothing much to keep myself too occupied. Anyway, it was a superb game, I recommend to those who have Wii or Gamecube, go get the game, impossible to not enjoy... And it will definitely get you curious on the world of Zelda, it's a really nice game series, second only to the Warcraft fictional universe in my opinion.

College life started, and boy I can feel the pressure already... Humility, I need it... I need to learn fast... Everyone here is so much more better than me... I can barely do my drumming right. I do hope I can do well in theory.

Besih 2.0. I know who to vote in 5 years time. You all should know about the thing if you're Malaysian.

And so, I enter my routine typical period of life again.


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