Monday, July 4, 2011

ICOM - The experience.

Woke up at 5:50am... Had to follow my dad to send my sister to school this morning. So soon after that, headed to Taman Paramount at Petaling Jaya to catch the LRT. Yeah, it's gonna be a habit, public transport through the city everyday at 7:15am...

Arriving at Sentul, which is about 15 minutes walk away from my college, I went to the McD outlet just in front of the school. Since it was still 8am, and the placement test only starts at 9:15am. Had a Milo and a hash brown, then took out my theory notes to study last minute. Before long, there were 2 other students sitting at the table next to mine... How did I know? They talked about intervals, notes, cadences, scales. And true enough they were enrolling today, like me. One is a Portuguese, and he was helping his friend, a Japanese, in theory... I would come to know the 2 of them later in the day, The Portuguese is a guitarist, and the Japanese a drummer o.O and by the looks, a really really good one.

So as you might have already guessed by now, the school is really on an international stage... Because once I entered the college doors, I see... Every skin colour I could imagine. Took the test English, and I dare say was decently simple enough for me. By the time I was done, it was lunch break.

Socialised a bit, and went out to eat mamak food with another 3 odd company. A Korean, a Sarawakian and a Singaporean... The Korean was doing vocals while the other 2 were guitarist (A lot of guitarist around the school), and yeah, got to know them a bit better.

Head back the college at 12pm, waiting to take the theory test. While waiting, we went into the recital hall. Some of them took out their guitars and started playing around... THEY WERE AWESOME! The Korean guy sounded great with his voice!!@#$ And he could play the guitar, which he only learnt for like 5 months, as he said... He's better than me, I already played for 2 years... T.T The Sarawakian did some gig on his guitar, and he was like... Playing with one hand? @.@

Shit I have no idea what I got myself into... But oh well, theory starts, and I took up the paper... Hohoho, lucky me, it's within my capacity. Finishing it at 2pm, I came out of the hall to socialise further. Apparently many of them weren't too confident with their theory (lucky me, now I don't feel so inferior). But oh well, can't be too sure. Got to know a guy from Subang, nice guy, same age, he's gonna do vocals. But he plays a lot of instruments apparently. Also met this guy from Switzerland, doing piano... Planning to be a film scorer, nice~

But one thing though... Nearly everyone I got to know was going for the Berklee transfer programme... Even me. So that's the key attraction, cause it saves up to 60% of the initial fees required by doing 2 years of study here locally, and only starting off Berklee by the 3rd year.

My live audition's tomorrow, and I have no idea how I will fare... I didn't practice... >.< But oh well, Lord have mercy, I may make it through.

College life? I find it intimidating... But I also find it intriguing. Hoping for the best in tomorrow, and years to come.

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